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1996, my first ever match and the first time I ever shot all my 'cowboy gun's together.

Mattersey Canyon (disused sand quarry) in Nottinghamshire, UK, and what could be described as a 'National' comp.

Shooting 'Duelist', I came a very surprised 2nd place and was hooked!

Then came 'Dunblane' and would-be PM Tony Blair wanting to be elected and away went our cartridge revolvers, to be melted down for scrap! (Brand new, first model Vaquero in .45Colt, and a used Super Blackhawk in .44mag.)

Now  we compete with B/P revolvers and only old age and ineptitude are gonna stop me now!

( Who is the match marshall in shooters heaven?,,,,book me a place pard!)

Blackey Cole:
My first sass match, that's a story.  My goal was not to shoot anything but the targets.  I had misses and procedurals iirc.  That wasn't the story the story was the weather.  It was February in NM.  I started off cold, then about half way through the first stage it started raining.  By the second it was sleeting after the second stage about half the shooter me and another new shooter included packed it up because we were soaked and freezing.  I had a oil cloth duster plus another coat on my hat was soaked thur, I was wearing leather work gloves that were so wet they tore like toilet  paper when i took them off.  I don't remember much other than I met my goals, and the weather.  But I was there the next month and been shooting since when I was able to.  I've turned in to a fair weather shooter in the last few years.  Early on I was proud to have been one of the few who shot all 12 stages of winter range the year they through out four of the stages on the last day.  I hurt enough as it is not to need to add to it by being cold and or wet.

My first match was Apr 27 2014 just to show how new I am at this
It all started when my cousin sold me a repair of Schofield pistols in 44-40
Then I found a 66 yellow boy in 44-40 and a old SXS had a rig for my pistols made
a friend made a gun cart for me found the Texas Ten Horns in Leonard TX
I cannot tell you much these Ladies and Gents made me feel
I have never shoot anything like this just bullseye with the Provost Guard in the Shrine
I was scared to death but they made feel right at home told me how to shoot the stage
When that first round went off i forgot all about all the eyes on my back and being scared and shot a clean stage  :D
Man am I hooked
I now have a set of Remington's 1875 army 51/5 barrels in 44-40 and a 73 in 44-40 to shoot BP
And have replaced the Schofields with a pair of Ruger Birds Head pistols in 45 acp
And now working on a 1876 in 50-95 for our Cody Dixon class man did I get hooked  ;D


Blackey Cole:
Welcome to CAS.  It only get worst from here.  There's always new guns, leather, and clothes to get.  It's one of the only places where straight men talk clothes and women talk guns.  If your wanting to part with the scholdfields contact me.

I can't do that those babies are too pretty to part with and besides they have consecutive serial numbers
As a matter fact so does the two Remington  ;D
And I will be using them from time time
I don't know how I got that lucky twice ;D


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