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Factory loaded .38s for W/CAS

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Will Pluggum:
Howdy fellas.......I understand the requirements for ammo to compete in CAS (led, no gas checks, less then1000/1400fps).  Understand that with the amount of shooting done, re-loading is an economic necessity but for those who aren't set up for it yet, is their a source of affordable .38 ammo out there somewhere?  Does factory 158 gn lead round nose meet the requirements? (i'm not clear on the gas check issue) 
Thanks again..................Sedona Slim

Big Hext Finnigan:
Howdy back,

Yes, factory ammo will work, just don't get anything hot.
I have used and continue to use
If you are only going to shoot 38s, then I'm not sure that you can justify a reloader unless you plan to become a competitor with regular practice sessions. sells 38 ammo for $100/1000 plus shipping.  That's $5 a box and it's good stuff.

Adios amigo,

Will Pluggum:
  $5.00@box,     ;D   can't beat that with a stick!    muchas gracias, amigo


Will Ketchum:
Slim, you also might want to check to see if there are any commercial ammuntion remanufacturers.  That can save you a lot of money on shipping.   You can check at a gunshow ar your local gun shop should give you a lead.

Will Ketchum

Will Pluggum:
I checked out  $18 shipping on 1000 rounds at $100.  Works out to $5.89 a box of 50.  That is truely affortable.


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