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Rear Sights for 76

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King Medallion:
The rear sight is not the issue for me, I need a better front sight. I've had a Lyman and a Marbles tang sight on a few different 94's, and never cared for them. I always thought they were in the way of my right hand grip.

I agree, KM, but for pin-point accuracy, they are quite necessary for me, at least. I've always done well with apertures - especially on modern match rifles and my Sharps. One learns to put up with the placement. I had to make a 48" rod to clean the Sharps due to the sight not folding down far enough OH well, if it's accuracy you want, those are needed - for some competitions, that is.
For hunting, Express sights with a small front bead are best. The ladder sight is the best of both worlds, imho. Longer range than the normal available 3 leaf express sights, and almost as fast.

Do NOT believe anyone who says Express Sights are not accurate.
for example:
This  is the rifle:

These are the sights.

The trouble is, with fixed open sights, even sight leaves as on this ML, usually only one load suites them.

i found and ordered this...


plenty of stock, so they say...:)

Happy New Year!!!

I believe my rear sight is an 1895 Smith Enterprises sight.  I love it on my Uberti .45-60.


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