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STORM / .451 or .454 round balls source ?
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 05:32:55 AM »
Has anyone a source for or cache they can spare. ( for sale )
A new shooter friend of mine has stepped into it  ;) ( in a manor of speaking )

I have shared some with him , but he'd like to buy some , and has found "out of stock " at most of the usual vendors.

He did find BP Powder & Caps ...
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Recreating 45 ACP performance in BP
« Last post by SPJ on Today at 02:59:11 AM »
I brought this upon another site but I think I may have better chances finding answers from the community here.

The Wikipedia page on the 45 Schofield states that it is comparable to, though less powerful than, the 45 acp. The page doesn't have references to back up that statement, but I have heard the comparison before and I can understand it myself.  Both being made originally with 230 grain bullets, and the velocity and power of the Schofield only differing from the ACP by a factor of roughly 100. With Wikipedia giving the velocity of the Schofield at 730 fps and 374 J of energy, and the 45 ACP being more powerful at 835 fps and 483 J (356 ftlbs) of energy. It does not state what barrel lengths these are being fired from though

This has made me want to ask what loading of blackpowder would it take to create a revolver cartridge with a performance comparable to the 45 ACP, with a velocity over 800 fps and energy around 350 J?

The majority of the sources I have found state that the original loading of the 45 Schofield was a 230 gr bullet with 28 grains of black powder. So I imagine that simply adding one or two more grains of powder would be enough to add roughly another 100 fps and J of energy to the bullet. I read that the Frankford Arsenal produced cartridges for the 45 Colt made in the 1800s was loaded with 30 grains of black powder so I imagine their performance was likely closer.

This thread involves a user stating that they were able to load 30 grains in a Schofield case. So I assume it should be possible. If not I will go ahead with a 45 Colt case

If I wear to take up this project I would go about trying to load a 45 Schofield case with a 230 RNFP bullet with 30 grains of 3fg black powder, either Swiss or Eynsford as I am told they would give me more of the performance I am looking for. I also have a Colt 1860, with a conversion cylinder, that has an 8 inch barrel. I imagine the length of the barrel will also help in allowing the bullet to reach a higher velocity.

Does anyone here know if I am along the right track of? Or if anyone has already achieved this level of performance before me, and how I can replicate it?

Thank you
you'll shoot you eye out  :)
The Barracks / Re: Want to trade
« Last post by Dusty Tagalon on Yesterday at 07:54:34 PM »
Patriot distillery opens at 5:00PM Thursday, not conducive to arriving at a decent time Thursday, will stop at liquor stores from Blair on to attempt to purchase.
Biting my tongue, CDC says if vaccinated OK inside & out maskless, where I was 3x months ago! Will boycott any store in Johnson county requiring mask!
VA, hospital environment, will wear mask!
Colt Firearms / Re: So I am guessing this is a good deal....
« Last post by Tuolumne Lawman on Yesterday at 07:34:53 PM »
Well, slight glitch.  Someone told her it is worth way more, maybe $1,800-$2,000!  The Shop owner pointed out that $1,795 is full retail for a new gun, in the box, with a warranty. This one, while nice, has no box or papers, and does have some dings in the grip frame by the screw in the bottom.  I told her $1300 is tops or I walk.  I don't need it more than that.  I may find out tomorrow.   She also has a 7.5 inch with real stag grips and real gold "Colt" inlaid in the top of the grip frame behind the hammer.  She wants more for that.
CAS City Classifieds / Lemat conversion parts for sale or trade.
« Last post by Ironbadger on Yesterday at 07:27:51 PM »
Yes, you read it right.

I acquired a Pietta/Dixie gun works Navy model Lemat a while ago, converted to .32ACP cartridges.
Its been stripped, in the white, and the barrel defarbed as well.
The grapeshot barrel is still percussion.

Its nicely done, gated and in new condition.

However, I do not want a 32 caliber lemat..
I can't use it for any kind of re-enactment event, and I consider the caliber choice a bit too weird for me.
Yes, I know its what was used in the Westworld movie, and plenty of folks have been looking for one for several years.

Since the frame has been cut for cartridge feed, it would have to go through a FFL dealer to sell or trade the gun.

Since thats a hassle, and I actually would prefer to keep the gun by converting it back to percussion, I am looking to sell or trade just the barrel and cylinder.

Since no frame would be included, its just gun parts, and legal without issues.

I know that Frank Bird does these conversions, and charges around $2000 for just the conversion work.

A new barrel is $250.
A new cylinder is $175.

So a basic value would be around $2425.

I am willing to trade the barrel and cylinder for the barrel and cylinder off of someone else's gun plus $2000 in cash or trade, or best offer.
This would give me what I want to restore the gun to its original configuration.

I'm willing to bargain, and theres a few things I am looking for.

I'm willing to talk trade and cash for:

1858 Remington in 44.  One, or a pair. in percussion, so its still cap and ball and legal to mail.

1851 Colt navy in .36 percussion. Single or pair.

Pietta or Uberti- please no ASM, palmetto armory or others.  Too hard to get parts for anything but Pietta or Uberti these days.
Steel frames only, please.

Howell drop in or conversion cylinders for the above, made for the same makers.

Rogers and Spencer .44 would be considered, pair or single.  Conversion or drop in cylinders as well.

We can work out values for a trade.
I would be willing to dicker for what I want.

I would potentially consider other trades for percussion revolvers or non gun items.
Has to be stuff legal to ship through the mail.

Pics will be posted if theres any serious interest.
My digital camera and laptop with the right software for it date to the early 2000s, and its a royal pain to dig it all out for pics.

So I'll be lazy at the moment, and post pics if needed.

I realize I haven't been around here for a long time, but my life took some different paths for a few years, and I drifted away from shooting after the last gun shops close to my house closed.  I am active on several other historical interest sites, and I do a fair amount of buying and selling off of facebook and the like.
So I do have an online presence elsewhere.


I'm like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" waiting for his Red Ryder BB Gun!

The first annual SASS match I ever shot was the Railroad Flat match in 1995, and I used a Marlin 1894 Century Limited as my main match rifle then! I paid $600 for it then, which was a chunk of change.  A few year later, I traded it off for an 1860 Henry.   About 2006, I got another one for $800 without box, and it was a shooter...  About a year later, I sold it to a friend to raise money for a move cross country.  Have missed it ever since....

Well, I found one online , also without box for $1500 and pulled the pin and bought it. It has some minor dings on the stock from the gun cart, but it will be my "shooter," giving my HRA 1860 Henry a rest for a bit. 

In this market, that's not too bad, as I have been tracking them, and they generally got for north of $2,000.  There is one with a box for starting bid of $2,400, and an employee one with gold for $3,200 starting. The cheapest I saw one go for in the last year has been $1,900 and some change....

I am going to that same annual Railroad Flat match Memorial day weekend, and hope to have a Century Limited  to shoot it again as I did that first match. Deja Vu!

The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: 45-60 Brass length ?
« Last post by wildman1 on Yesterday at 06:12:12 PM »
I in town today and one of my favorite places had a 45-60 Winchester 76. Was in pretty good condition considering the age.
The Longbranch / Re: Hooked on cawboy guns
« Last post by Major 2 on Yesterday at 06:05:57 PM »
I interject here...I have one Modern , just one a SIG 365

And I  have my Cowboy SAA's & S&W #3  and my Cap & Ball's

But I also enjoy , my  early to mid century Milsurp Auto Loaders
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