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How many folks are living in Arizona?

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How many folks, here in CAS City, are living in Arizona? It would be nice to get together some time. Some place like Goldfield, AZ.   :)

Dave T:
I'm in Mesa. Moved here from Tucson 16 years ago. It was in SE Arizona I got into CAS starting in 1984-'85. I was a founding member of Los Vaqueros out of Tucson. They put on the very first Winter Range in Williams back in the early '90s (can't remember the exact year).

Shot CAS for 11 years but had to give it up in the mid-'90s. In retrospect I shouldn't have but I was starting my own business and that took all my time and resources. We live and learn. (smile)


Apple Annie and I live in NW Mesa.  Your idea sounds good.
Please let us know if anything comes together.
Chas B

Dave T:
As much as I like living in the desert I'm down on it right now. It's been so long since we've had meaningful rain all the National Forrest and BLM land is posted as closed to shooting.

It was 109 today and according to the Weather Channel it will be 109 for the next couple days, then go to 110 and 111 (that's in Mesa). Since I'm a BP cartridge shooter those temperatures and our low humidity (compared to most everywhere else) makes shooting BP tough. The guns heat up so bad you can't handle them and the fouling seems worse than usual. Add to that I don't have anyone to go shooting with who likes old time guns and I'm just in a (expletive deleted) bad mood. (LOL)

No that I've got that off my chest, how are you other AZ residents doing?


I live in Sierra Vista - probably too far south from everyone.



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