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Major 2:

I hated the movie! Why, because I just figured it would be Duke's last!  :'(

Russ T Chambers:
I both loved and hated this movie.

Hated it because it was Wayne’s final movie, and you could see the pain and ailment in this great actor.  It was probably very hard for him to have to perform when at almost 5000 ft when he was used to sea level.  Not to mention his other medical problems.

Having lived in Reno for over 30 years I have spent a lot of time in Virginia City, Genoa (including the saloon referred to), and the area around Washoe Lake where the buggy ride with Bond takes place.  And, lastly, many trips past the Boarding House. 

Add in Virginia City, Gold Hill, and Reno itself and there is so much history  floating around here!

Major 2:
I saw the movie as John Wayne's swan song , was never actually intended as John Wayne's last movie.
Although he was actually cancer free at the time it was made, He had serious issues, with just one Lung and heart and prostrate problems.
The film was a showcase for several award achieving actors Lauren Bacall, James Stewart, Richard Boone and John Carradine were all cast at the request of the Duke.


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