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Nostalgia " memories and seed of a life time

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I remember a little wooden rifle that looked like one of the parade ground rifles cadets used to drill with and of course I dreamed of the Man from UNCLE briefcase that had all the guns you could assemble.

Jubal Starbuck:
    I had a  cap pistol that was a copy of an 1851 Colt with brown plastic grips that I really liked. I got a used truck inner tube  and cut out a slim Jim holster for it and laced it up with twine.  The stitches eventually tore out, but I had fun with it while it lasted.  Maybe that cap gun influenced my first cap and ball revolver purchase in 1968; an EIG .36 cal brass framed Navy Colt.

Major 2:
I know my  HUBLEY COLT 45 DIECAST CAP GUN seeded my passion for 1860 Army Richards.
Mattel Shoot'n' must have influenced this SAA

I was of a little later era, playing Cowboys and Native indigenous people in the 70s.   Good thing was there was so much hippie cast off fringed items, we had quite a wardrobe.   I too had the hubley, bought new in the box from the dime store.   I wonder how long it sat on those shelves for me to get it on my 6th birthday in 1972.  It fueled my 1860 passion as well.   My house was the place to play, I had tons of cap guns.   Also had a dad who ran a paper tube company.   We had 40 inch diameter tube that was a rocket, star trek jeffries tube, tunnel, etc, had another split in half that was a canoe or flipped over to be our cover to shoot from.   The central air conditioner was the bar, we would belly up to and do shots of koolaid, then have the required fight, throwing each other over the bar.  Later I read the Iliad and that upped the arsenal to swords and armor (made from paper).   Lost it all in the flood of 91.   

Baltimore Ed:
In the 60’s my buds and I would gear up to play war at the local Sunny’s Surplus store. Never did too much playing cowboy as we were into watching Vic Morrow fight Nazis in Combat every week. Replacements never  lasted too long.



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