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Major 2:
A couple of recent threads lately got me to thinking Nostalgia.
The guns that seeded my passion of firearm collecting.
Sure it was the plethora of Golden Era of TV & movie westerns that got me started.

Mattel , Nichols Industries, HUBLEY and Marx were prolific in producing just about every model.
Some were very close Spitting Image and others were fantasy or stylized.

There ( aside from Denix and maybe some high-in $$$ Toy replicas ) is nothing close to the era of the late 1950's - 1960's.

The crap today with its required ORANGE muzzle caps is sold in Dollar stores
( there no more 5 & Dimes either ).

I recall my

* Mattel Shoot'n' Sixes ( had a pair ) and the belt buckle with swing out Deringer
* I had a Mattel Shoot'n Shell Rolling block
* Several Daisy BB guns including the spittin' image  Model 1894

and the TV ad's  , Who remembers Kurt Russell in several ?

What a great time to have been a kid.... a Baby Boomer  Ha!  BOOMER ! yeah I guess I was ...still am  :D

River City John:
The belt-buckle swing out derringer was really popular because of the T.V. show "Yancy Derringer", I believe.
That and the rolling block carbine found their way into my arsenal. I even had the play set uniform costume to be Rusty from "Rin-Tin-Tin". (My brother had the "Zorro" outfit, his favorite T.V. idol.)

I leaned more towards WWII hardware, charging around the neighborhood with my Mattel Thompson submachine gun and a couple of play hand grenades hanging about my person. Don't remember the manufacturer, but those grenades accepted "Greenie Stick-em Caps" in the tops that'd go off after you pulled the pin. Imagination transformed that snap cap into a horrific explosion of destruction. Especially as I added the sound effects to go with it.
As a matter of fact, every one of those play firearms was enhanced by the use of "Greenie Stick-em Caps".

I also remember being envious of a friend's plastic M-14. Extremely authentic looking, came with a bayonet, and I think it cycled like a BAR when you pulled the trigger, but I could be wrong. Don't remember the manufacturer of that beauty, though.

Major 2:
I had one of the grenades , and a Thompson , I recall it would break down into several components and become a pistol, it was OD color.
I also had 3 gun metal grey all metal M4 Grease guns with a key wind , All three were a Christmas gift the same year , one from my Uncle, another from a family friend of my Dads...I can't recall where the third came in , I just remember getting 3 ....
Pretty darn close looks wise.

I also had a wood & metal 03 , maybe it was trainer or parade rifle of some sort  :-\

The golden age of westerns was well before " Combat "  Rat Patrol and "Hogan's Heroes"

I recall "12 O'Clock High" and the short lived "The Gallant Men" which had replaced The Roy Rogers Show  :o

you-tube is were some of the shows can be found today;_ylt=A0geJGqyWKpg3P0AgtFXNyoA;_ylu=Y29sbwNiZjEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3BpdnM-?p=%22The+Gallant+Men%22&fr2=piv-web&fr=ymyy-t-s#id=1&vid=a7c608ba3a9aa372a77ba19248045737&action=view

In first grade for Christmas I received from my grandmother some kind of make-you-smart toy where you put little colored tiles on a black tray to make pictures. 

My friend up the road got a toy Winchester lever-action.  But his parents wouldn't let him keep it, because it was a "weapon of war."   

A trade was quickly arranged, and man was I pleased.  My mother, not so much, because she had to explain to her mother what happened to the art tiles.

There were 4 of us brothers, so I'm not sure which of these was "mine" but we all used them.  I recall a Fanner 50, the trapdoor carbine, a rifleman lever gun, the swing-out derringer buckle, and a Paladin holster set.  But one of my faves was one I would describe as an oversize over/under derringer with rotating barrels, and it had a thin rubber dagger blade that could be extended out from between the barrels.  Due to the design, it was only a matter of time before the "axle rod" the barrels turned on snapped off at the frame.  I was so bummed.



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