April showers and fresh coffee

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Major 2:
can't fool ya ! it's April and a new thread to navigate.

Suppose to rain and cool down, high for Friday will be 64°

Silver Creek Slim:
Morning y'all.
Coffee and tea are hot.

'Tis 13 and sunny. High of 43.


River City John:
Weather turned downward overnight!
We received a foot and a half of snow. I had been using the propane weed burner around the garden fencing to get rid of weeds sprouting up between the two layers of wire fencing just yesterday . . .Glad I hadn't put it away. It came in handy to melt off that 20" of snow on the driveway.

Fortunately the daughter was able to get her car out and drive to work through that two foot of snow.

And here the daffodils were all pretty in bloom along the south of the house. Now they're all crushed under that three feet of snow.

But that's how the weather goes here in Nebraska. One day it's in the mid-70's and the next there's 4 foot of snow on the ground, like today.


The Trinity Kid:
Morning all.

35 and clear as of 7am in Missoula. Supposed to get up to 50. Yesterday we had a couple inches of snow, so I’m not sure if I believe that.

So far this week,  I’ve clocked 34 hours, with another 16 coming in at least. Will be a decent paycheck.

And interesting happening at work yesterday. I was sitting on a bench outside of a truck stop eating lunch, and was approached by a very rotund fellow. Our conversation went like this:

Him: do you have a CDL

Me: yes, why?

Him: so you think you’re better than me.

Me, always ready to crack wise: yes, next question.

Him: well I’ve been an over the road driver for 4 years. And I’m a veteran.

Me: I am also a veteran.

At this point he left and then laid on his air horn when he drove past me. I’m not really sure what to make of this interaction, but it was entertaining in the very least.

I'd of told him I'm better than him because I don't go around asking stupid questions. ::)

Getting ready to run errands, the minority of them our errands, what ever, SIL in nursing home needs stuff, Rita's friends daughter has to go get shit out of totaled car, BIL needs groceries, he is not a shopper, fine, we have to go to get teenager supplies.   I need cashews but would survive, oh get a case of this Vitamin drink on sale at Cosco for niece.  No big deal, they all have done stuff for us when we need it.   Wife has been on the phone, getting dressed now, decided to have another cup.   Oh good her phone is ringing again. ;D



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