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Major 2:
My Brodie is currently in the "Suited for Service" display too...  (foreground glass case)   

Major 2:
Added to my humble collection of WW1 & WW2 helmets
with a  Heer M42 Stahlhelm, the shell is stamped Q 66                             ..
 the liner is hand written marked  57-59   also hand written is the name   Gotz G

It had been repainted  :(    but can't complain for gratis  ;)

I also picked up a late war US M1 Shell

Major 2:
I will be adding to the display , to include
This WW 1 Mk 1 British Brody, marked  Hadfield LTD. Sheffield .................1915.     HS 486

and this

WWI Original Hawkes & Co. Khaki Wolseley British Officer Pith Helmet

 leather hat band in gold ink is marked : Hawkes's Patent self-fitting & ventilating lining.
 On the lining in black is written; Cork Patent, Sole Manufacturers, Later 14, Piccadilly, Hawkes & Co. Ltd, I Savile Row, London W.

Major 2:
This one is super cool , donated by the  Daniel Keel , Tuskegee Airman,  Bomber Pilot. 97 years young.
It was an HONOR to talk to him...

Awesome!  It would be great to visit with that man.



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