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Major 2:
Anyone have a WW2 MI helmet any cond.

or any 20th century battle helmets WW 1 or 2 .... what have you?   

it or they,  would be included in small collection at a local veterans museum

Donate or reasonable offer , shipping will be paid by the museum .


Love to see them

Major 2:
I could do that ....

So far I have ....

 M38 Luftschutz Helmet

M16 "Stahlhelm Helmet"

M17 “Brodie Helmet"  US issue

French M26 “Adrian" Helmet

M Ssh40  Soviet Helmet

and just today acquired a M1 US pot w/liner & net ( this one is in the Current display  "Suited for Service" A glimpse of US military uniforms from the Civil War to WW2 ) from the generosity of the current owner.  :)

I have a War of 1812 leather Dragoon helm and may join,  but the bridge to WW1 may be greater than I want to display  :-\

Major 2:
No one ?   :-\

For Grenadier


Major 2:
M Ssh40  Soviet Helmet 



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