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Montana Slim,
Sorry you had to go through that $h!t.  But glad it is under control for you now.

How was my weekend?  Well, we finished picking up irrigation pipe at my wife's family's farm, celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday, had supper with a missionary to Ukraine for the last 28 or so years and his Ukrainian wife, took a bunch of refreshments to church that my wife baked, and went to a visitation.  That was my 48 hours plus a few.  Welcome October!  Hopefully the weather cools off again soon.
Went to a match today, last match of the year for this club, I was happy with my shooting, clean match and decent times on the stages. Weather was just about perfect. How was all Y'alls weekend?
1911 & Wild Bunch Shooting / Villistas side match?
« Last post by Story on Today at 04:23:41 PM »
I'll bet you thought this'd be about German delivered GEW98s, 7mm Rolling Blocks or Carabina 30-30, ese.

We have a running man that moves away from the shooter, a sliding target that usually has a Buffalo on itthat travels from the left to the right, and we have a wigwam target that moves back and forth.  We also have a couple plate racks that have small circles and bottles on them.  There is a lot of fun on our range!!
It was my first time to your range, also. What a range it is! I took some pictures to show shooters back home. I just wish I knew how to post pictures! The whole range is in a holler. If you listen real close, you could hear Deliverance being played on the banjo! Your cowboy town had buildings on each side of the street. The whole range was in the woods. You actually had to shoot around the trees some times. Shade all day long. The rifle targets were very challenging and placed on the hill side. Three moving targets. What a range and shoot. Your club did a fantastic job!!

Thank you for a challenging and enjoyable week end,

Reed "Two-Bit Charlie" Van Ness

Those moving targets sound interesting. I would like  a little more info?
The Darksider's Den / Re: I had some Pyrodex
« Last post by Froogal on Today at 02:35:30 PM »
Your lucky

Many years ago I loaded some .357s with Pyrodex. Shot them in a Ruger Vaquero. Cleaned the gun after using Hoppe's. That was a big mistake. 2 days later that Vaquero was a total mess. Learned a valuable lesson. I now use hot water with Dawn dish soap, a toothbrush, and some of those BIG Q-tip looking things.
Thank you for posting that!!
The Darksider's Den / Re: I had some Pyrodex
« Last post by Tascosa Joe on Today at 11:48:19 AM »
Your lucky
Thats good news, and prayers up! My father has survived 3 bouts with that nasty chit and is free again at 89.
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