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Marshal Halloway:
Let us help the newcomers with answers to a few of the questions they ask us who have been in this sport for some time.

What is your revolver(s) of choice? Why did you pick the model you are using?

Was it price, looks, authenticity or other specific reasons?

Coop Trawlaine:
My revolver of choice is Pietta '58 Remington New Army .44 BP with R&D conversions to .45LC.

1. Of course, is PRICE.  I am just a poor boy.
2. Looks, I just love the look of the gun and like those 8" barrels, they feel more comfortable in my hand.  I am in the sport for the fun more so than the competition.  I only compete with me, try to better my score each match.
3. And the authenticity of the model never gets questioned.  Purely period correct.

Russ T Chambers:
EMF’s Frontier Marshal from Uberti, covered most everything.  Cost was good, looks were just what I wanted, and the quality is what I had in my Hartford models before.


Major 2:
Colt 2nd. Gen. 1860 Army's , but I also have Cimarron 72 open top Army frame & Uberti 60'Armies.

See the pattern  :)  the feel of the 1860 Army Grip is by far my favorite & the balance is perfect.

I've had Ruger Vaquero's ,I was never quite comfortable with the balance or feel.

I echo this statement.... "I am in the sport for the fun more so than the competition."

Marshal Will Wingam:
I prefer Uberti 1858 (NMA) Remingtons. I like Ubertis better than Piettas although I hear that these days the Piettas are a better quality than they used to be. No one else makes the Remington NMA's. The NMA's fit my hand better, point shoot better and have a shorter action than anything else made. You can get great cartridge conversion cylinders for them, too.


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