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EOT in Indiana?


Baltimore Ed:
Watched the 40th Anniversary of EOT in Etna Greene Indiana on Shooting USA, sadly not at Founders Ranch. Looked like they had a hot wet time but everyone was smiling. The humidity was pretty rough on the black powder shooters as the smoke just hung there. But in all honesty I am glad that I didn’t go. Looked like the pistol targets were maybe 6 ft from the shooter and the rifle targets were just a hair farther. One of the top guys shot a 10-10-6 stage with 3 positions using black in 13 seconds. Now I’ve not shot a state or regional match in years but where is the challenge shooting anything point blank. I stopped attending a local monthly WB match because everything was way too close. Is this the way the big matches are now being designed? Speed is certainly a big part of cas but so is some sort of accuracy. Was it designed this way so folks could shoot a clean EOT? The cream will always rise to the top as the A shooters put the time in on the range so it truly wouldn’t matter how far/close or big/small the targets are placed but these were way way too close imo. Watch the episode and see what you think.


 :)  Well hey there Biltmore   ;)

Some things just depend on where you place your chair.  Over the last 35 or so years, CAS/SASS has evolved.  Good??  Bad??  Depends on where you place your chair.

You are correct, today's targets are bigger and closer, sort of "right there" and "in your face" sort of thing.  There are far fewer "games" played.  One has to understand, what CAS has become, the game has become as it is based on the preference of the masses of shooters.  Bigger/Closer targets are easier to hit for the neophyte and crusty vets as well.  Having target placement as it has become has brought a lot more shooters to the game over the years.

Currently, SASS/CAS is in decline.  Slowly, but decline none the less.  Target placement has little if anything to do with the decline.  Age and changing demographics is to blame as in some cases, economics.

Yes.  That's the short answer.  Your observations were correct.  Those folks were smiling because even in yucky conditions, they could still hit targets.  I can't run a stage as fast as I could 30 years ago but I do like to be able to run as stage as fast as I can.  Just the take from my chair.

Play Safe Out There (But be sure to play)

Baltimore Ed:
We play tomorrow at ECSASS. Fifteen +— shooters. Just a plain cowboy match this month. I’ll carry my vaqueros, no webleys or 1911s. We’ll have a good but cold time. Last two months the weather was perfect. But I know what you mean, the best that I could do in my prime was 5th place duelist according to the plaques on the wall. I’m not fast but I am accurate. It’s sad that we are on the decline. It’s also sad that it’s necessary? to reduce the skill set of competitors by making targets closer and bigger. Not trying to start anything, just commenting on the 40th anniversary of EOT. Btw, I shot the 25th EOT in 2006. A great trip.

Had our sunny but cool shoot Saturday, 14 shooters, only 2 duelists, one two handed shooter shot a pair of Smith .38 DAs. My 3 month winning streak came to an end with the return of the very fast ‘A’ shooters from Virginia. Did the pilgrim look. Shot my .455 Vaqueros, Trapper 1894 Schofield and Model 24 Marlin. Really liking my Trapper. Had a revolver miss and a P. Came in 5th, 30 seconds behind 4th place. Had a swell time. Next month is our Christmas luncheon shoot. Thinking that I’ll shoot DAs then. Fun stuff. Hope the weather cooperates. We have had our holiday shoot 2 months late due to weather cancellations.



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