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Bad news from the Lincoln Area Regulators


Mustang Gregg:
We closed our outfit this week, after shooting near Bennet, NE for four years.  :(
I'm sorry to have to put out bad news, but we need to let SASS folks know.
It's been a fun ride, but the last call has come and gone now.

Thank you to all of the Pards and Gals who have shot, helped, sweated, froze, and laughed with us!

There is good news too... 
A local range near Firth has offered to start up a new SASS outfit (only 20 miles from where we were shooting).

And there are still 3 other SASS clubs in NE.
1  Eastern NE Gun Club, Louisville.  POC:  Crooked Creek
2  Platte Valley Gunslingers, Alda.  POC:  Stirrup Trouble
3  Columbus Rifle Club, Columbus.  POC:  Tom Two Dogs

Contact Mustang Gregg for further information.



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