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FloraBama Kid:
I though it would benefit the new folks to read how some of us got gear for our first match. There is another Topic at this link where pards are telling what they are shooting today. For some of us that was a long journey from our first match to where we are today. :)

For me, I found the name and number of the local SASS Club President and called him on a Friday night. I just wanted to ask if I could come out and look at some of the guns and ask questions. He gave me a lot of info on the phone and ended by asking what caliber I wanted to shoot the he said "if ya can find some ammo bring it out, if ya can't don't worry come out anyway."

Here is what I had for my first match:
1 Cowboy hat $19.95 from Sheplers
Black Jean
Western shirt with snap buttons
Cowboy boots
Eye glasses and ear plugs

And the most important thing was 2 boxes of .45 LC Cowboy ammo and a box of Winchester AA 12 guage shells.


The pard I spoke to on the phone supplied all guns, leather and all the instruction I needed to get my first match under my belt. ;D

The bottom line; if you're thinking about going to a match don't hesitate. Just contact one of the local shooters and tell them you want to "try" and everything else will click into place.

Take your time researching and shopping for guns and don't let that slow you down.

Happy Shooting

Silver Creek Slim:
I read articles in Shooting Times and Guns&Ammo about CAS. I visited the local toy (gun) shop owned by Rat River Ranger. I noticed a flyer about a CAS club on his wall. He told me all about it, what guns I needed, leather, etc. So, I went to GunsAmerica and AuctionArms to find some used guns. I chose .44 Mag because I already had brass, bullets, and reloading dies for that caliber. I bought two pistols, a rifle, and gun leather off of those sights. I bought a SxS from Rat River Ranger. I already had boots and jeans. I bought a couple of Oxford shirts that were on sale.  A friend gave me a nice straw cowboy hat. I loaded up two box a .44 Mag cowboy loads, bought a box of shotgun shells, eye plugs, and headed to my first match. I had a blast.

I have not said this before, but if Rat River Ranger had not had that flyer on the wall and told me how much fun this game is, I probably would not be here now. Thanks, RRR.


Paper Chaser:
I'll always have an extra pair of shooters and ammo for ANYONE who just shows up and wants to shoot.  My rifle and shotgun we can share 'cause I always have the extra ammo.  So, if you ever come to Mississippi, drop in and the Mississippi Peacemakers will make you welcome!  Ain't no excuse NOT to shoot 'cause we're all friendly and willing to share.


Big Hext Finnigan:
Howdy to all you new folks.

If you go to a shoot, bring a few things.
First, a big smile.. or one will be provided for you ;)
Second, dress as cowboy as you can.. but don't go buying anything.  You might get a change of mind once you see the folks dressed up at the shoot.
Third, bring a belt in your size, that will fit over your clothes.  It's easy to borrow just about everything but a gunbelt that fits can be hard to find (or at least one that's not being used)
Fourth, bring at least some 12 guage shells.  If you can, bring Cowboy 38s or 45s, but that can get real expensive and we don't mind loaning you ammo for your first time.

Most importantly... GO.  I know you think you are imposing on folks, making them work on their play day.. but we love it!  Getting another one hooked on CAS fun is as good as it gets.


Tombstone Runner SASS#54765:
I just started this CAS shooting....I spent all last winter gathering all my stuff!! I really wish I would have gone and shot a match before I bought the guns. It would have been alot less hastle!! Everyone on here is right....just go out to range and whoever is in charge will take care of you!


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