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The Winchester Model 1873 / Re: Recreating the original .32WCF loading
« Last post by Black River Smith on June 16, 2024, 08:38:57 PM »
Little Dalton,

I am bring this posting back up, to find out what you and your friend decided, on how to load the 32-20 casings.

What bullet mold did you go with and what dies or tool are you using?

Have you been able to shoot the rifle since first posting?

Just interested in how this project is going for you both.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Load Data for 40-60
« Last post by Slamfire on June 16, 2024, 08:02:41 PM »
 I have been loading with 3 different powders, IMR-3031- IMR 4198-& VVN-133.
  For all 3 powders i loaded 10 rds. of each powder. 5 rds. w/ lubed and 5rds w/ PC'd cast bullets of the same weight (.214-.215gn.)
  All rds. shot at 25yds over my chono. (till it quit due to low batt).

  IMR-4198 22.9gn-5rds.lubed HI 1463--LO 1410.
    ''      ''      ''         ''    PC'd    HI 1382--LO 1337.

   VVN-133 28.5gn- "     lubed HI 1549--LO 1511.
      "            "         "     PC'd  HI  1415--LO (chrono def)

   IMR-3031 26.8gn  "     lubed HI 1389--LO 1368.
      "             "         "     PC'd  HI  CHRONO DIED

   At 25yds i was able to shoot 3/4" groups and less , all rds seemed to be very accurate (25yds?).
 What i was noticing was the FPS difference between the lubed & PCd and all rds. were sized to .406 for my rifle.

  NOTE# First,  i fired 4 rds.(across the chorno) i had loaded back on 5-02-24, w/ 22.9gns. of IMR 4198 as fouler shots and they all were in the upper 1580- 1600 fps range .

 I was well pleased w/ the accuracy of all 3 powders and believe i will move out to 50yds and see how that goes, Temp was early morn and at 80 degrees. Your millage may very.

  coffee's ready,  Hootmix

BROW / Re: Mike Venturino
« Last post by Tascosa Joe on June 16, 2024, 07:21:05 PM »
I have subscribed to gun magazines in the past because he was a regular contributor.  For selfish reason's I will miss him, because he was the only writer that wrote about the guns I love. 
The Barracks / Krag Varget Load
« Last post by Niederlander on June 16, 2024, 05:57:20 PM »
Gentlemen, Does anyone have the newest Lyman manual?  If so, does it have any Varget loads for the 220 grain round nose bullet?  Thanks!
NCOWS / Re: Books O'toole
« Last post by Major 2 on June 16, 2024, 03:42:13 PM »
That is WAY COOL, congrats Books
Any pictures ?  8)
NCOWS / Congratulations Books O'toole
« Last post by Tascosa Joe on June 16, 2024, 02:36:51 PM »
Congratulations to Books for being awarded the Founders Trophy (Best in Show) at the Smith and Wesson Collectors Association Convention and Show for his pocket pistol display.

For sale a consecutively numbered pair of all US made, United States Fire Arms (USFA) Long Hunter Custom Competition Rodeos. Chambered in 38 Special matte black finish, 4 3/4" barrels. These have all custom work listed on the signed certificates. PLUS Sure Hit brass front sights, but wait there's more. The previous owner has James Clubb "Three Cut" weld lower, wider Montado hammer spurs on the hammers. Absolutely flawless work. These guns are as smooth as silk, I doubt you will ever find another set like this. If you know USFA then you know that their SAA offerings were superior to anything Colt made, and there will never be anymore made. This is a one of a kind set. $3649 plus shipping & insurance to your FFL. Picture space is limited here email me for more pics if you’re seriously interested in purchasing.
BROW / Re: Mike Venturino
« Last post by Major 2 on June 16, 2024, 09:36:40 AM »
Heart failure.
BROW / Re: Mike Venturino
« Last post by Dave T on June 16, 2024, 08:40:08 AM »
Do any of you know what happened to him? Has he been ill for a while now and we his followers just didn't know?

BROW / Re: Mike Venturino
« Last post by LonesomePigeon on June 15, 2024, 08:27:03 PM »
I only knew him through his published material and a few forum posts. He had a wealth of knowledge and a talent for sharing it. He will be missed.
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