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Hello everyone,
KVC had our December social gathering and meeting.  It was a great time and we got a lot accomplished.

First and and foremost, we started organizing for nationals.

1. We are planning on shortening the shoot by a day.  Proposed schedule:
Thursday June 6 will start with the long range shoot at 8:30 and go to Noon.  Break for lunch and we will go to the main range for the side matches (already in progress).   The side matches will start in the morning for those not wanting the heaping dose of humility that comes with the long range shooting.    Side matches can be shot through the afternoon at a nice leisurely pace.

2.  Main shoot will be just like the previous years, Friday and Saturday.     With the banquet to follow.

3.  for now, the shoot through is scheduled for the prior Sunday and Monday.  (june 2 and 3)   We are hoping several of you would like to come early and do the shoot through to give us extra stage marshalls.   

More information will be coming soon as we work out the forms and such.    Also we will be able to post dates for the Jerry Barnes Memorial Shoot and the Buffalo Shoot.    keep your eyes on the horizon for more info.

Tascosa Joe:
If the Good Lord is willing, Kay and I will be there for the shoot through.  She will be glad to help you and Dan with the scoring etc.   

Are you having the Cap and Ball side match this year?


I do not believe anyone is putting it on this year.    Dan is doing a sort of old fashioned shooting gallery.   Dan and I put the cap and ball on last year, but until last thursday i did not think i would make it due to work issues.   I get to come, but sadly as of Thursday, there are no work issues.   )-:

Ok thanks


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