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My "New" 162 year old Remington Army!

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Cheyenne Logan:
"Newest" Remington.....1861 'Old Model' Army 44......really good bore, chamber smooth, nice gun overall......haven't pulled nipples/cones uyet, they'll take a bit of work, but they are clear......making up some cartridges to get this out to the range!

Cheyenne Logan:
1861 alongside one of my older Uberti's....this one is 1970's vintage.

It is interesting how much higher the hammer spur sits on the original. I guess they weren't shooting SASS matches back then. ;D


Rube Burrows:
Very nice.

Just a heads-up:
 I had to replace the nipples on my Original Remington and I had to get the Ted Cash Ratcheting Nipple Wrench in order to get three of them out as they had never been removed.


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