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Buckshot Bear:
Does anyone use shock buffers in their 1911?

Recommended or not?

I tried them years ago in a Kimber compact (basically Officer size) with aluminum frame, wanting to minimize wear on the frame.  Caused reliability problems in that gun so I quit using them.  I don't think purists like them too much.  I see no need in my full size 1911's, but those are for Wild Bunch, not hot loads.

Baltimore Ed:
I use them. They protect your frame from being battered by the slide. I also use buffers in my Ruger mini 30 and Model 41 Smith. As Abilene said purists hate them as JMB didn’t see a need for them. But my comment has always been that when JMB’s GI 1911 got buggered up it was replaced from Uncle Sams vast store of arms. I don’t have an Uncle named Sam who will replace my 1911s so I’ll use the buffers. You do have to inspect them as they will wear out.


Hiya Bear, nice to see ya over here. I reserve Shock buffers for 10mm guns or aluminum frame guns. Even my 1917 built 1911 doesn't get them. If you do use them replace them every thousand rounds or so to avoid them shedding stray bits as they wear out.

One of the better WB/1911 smiths I know told me they are the chief cause of cracked frames in 1911's that he has replaced. If your gun is tuned properly you should have no need of them.


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