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Trapdoor reline


Looking for someone who can reline the barrel of a sporterized trapdoor.  Any suggestions?

Bob Hoyt 717-642-6696.

Dave T:
John Taylor - (john@johntaylormachine.com).

I had him reline my original Remington No 1 Sporting Rifle 45-70 RB.  The insert can barely be seen and instead of patterns of 2-1/2' at 50 yards my first outing with the rifle I and the friends with me hit a 100 yard gong with every shot.



Johnson Barr:
John's work is amazing. You can't go wrong. .38 Special to .32-20 WCF worked right out of the return ship box.

Arizona Trooper:
Bobby Hoyt did my 'sort of' Long Range Rifle, 6 groove 1 in 18, 45-80 LR chamber. I made the Bulls Sight for it. Shoots great!


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