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Can anyone tell me about what I have? Ser# is 215xxx. It’s in .45 Colt. I’m thinking it’s a Uberti gun but I have yet to see one like this with the birdhead grips. This is my first SAA and can’t wait to shoot it.

Dave T:
Based on the serial number it at least has some Uberti parts.  From the little I can see in your picture I think it has an Uberti cylinder (longer pointed flutes) and a Uberti hammer (too straight rather than the more Colt like curves).  And of course the birdshead back strap and grip frame.

My $.02 worth.  YMMV!

Buckaroo Lou:
I agree with Dave. I believe all with that style of birdshead grip are Intaian parts guns. I use to have one with a 3 1/2" barrel and it was a Italian parts gun, but a nice little revolver none the less. I have seen it on GB on at least two different occasions at more than half again what I sold it for.


What kind of price would you put on this pistol?

Buckaroo Lou:
If you are wanting to sell it I would put it on GB for 10-15 days with a penny start and watch it go from there. If like all other USFA Italian parts guns I have seen it will end up over a K. You can add a reserve price (the least you are willing to accept) so if it doesn't reach that it will not sell.


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