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Head's up on bullet weight for .38-40

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Doc Holloman:
A head’s up for those of you that shoot .38-40 rifle for Wild Bunch.   I recently ordered a batch of .40 caliber 180gr coated bullets from a well known manufacturer.  Since 180gr is the minimum for WB rifle, I routinely weigh each bullet before loading.  Usually I get  20 percent that are underweight ( I set a minimum of 181gr just to account for material that might get shaved in the seating process) and I set those aside for practice.  But when I weighed this batch, more than 70 percent were under 180 gr, and none exceeded 181.  I had hoped to use these bullets for a major match next month, but they are going in the practice bin.   This is the first time I have ordered this caliber from this particular manufacturer, and have been happy with previous bullet (.30-06, .357, and .45ACP).  I’ve let him know about my issue and told him I will use the bullets for practice, so I’m not looing for any refund or anything like that.  Just giving him, and you folks a head’s up.


 :)  Doc  ;)

It's really nice to getcher heads up, but would help to know who the supplier was.  Or would you prefer we ask by PM??

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Ranch 13:
 Are they so strict and check ammo that a 178 gr bullet would disqualify the ammo?



--- Quote from: Ranch 13 on March 02, 2023, 10:09:27 AM --- Are they so strict and check ammo that a 178 gr bullet would disqualify the ammo?

--- End quote ---
Most local matches do not check.  But major matches check and yes that would get you a match DQ.

Ranch 13:
 That's just weird. Anybody that cast their own knows depending on the barometer and humidity, bullets cast from the same mould and alloy can come up with a lighter or heavier batch of bullets on any given day and run of bullets.


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