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1858 Pieta NIB Cylinder in 1/2 cock

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Got this several years ago never used, was thinking about a conversion cylinder, taking the cylinder out and putting back problem with getting it back in hard to line up. When I got the cylinder back in, in 1/2 cock the cylinder just spins, this not right. 

I think it is a hand spring problem, am I correct, or is it the hand?

Another question, what caliber would be recommended?  Looking at 45LC or 45ACP, I think 44-40 the barrel is too big.


Marshal Will Wingam:
Your assessment sounds right that it is probably a broken handspring.

As to caliber, 45 ACP and 45 Colt are both .452. I don't know about the bore on a Pietta but Ubertis I've seen work better with .454 soft lead bullets.

A 45 Colt cylinder will give you more options. Some will allow 45 Schofield rounds, as well. If you want even shorter cartridges, the Cowboy 45 Specials, which are the same length as 45 ACP, will work in 45 Colt chambers and I've heard at least one shooter say he uses .455 Webley in them. You can also shorten the 45 Colt cases to the length of 45 Schofield and still have historically correct rounds because in 1878 the US Government changed the official specifications for 45 Colt to the same length (1.1" instead of 1.285") so they would work in Schofields, too (the head stamping still read 45 Colt).

45 ACP chambering will only allow 45 ACP rounds.

If the cylinder advances when you point the gun down and cock it, but does not advance when you point the gun up and cock it, that would confirm the hand spring is broken.


The gun cocks fine both up and down, the problem in 1/2 cock loading position the cylinder spins free not stopping at the loading notch.  The cylinder spins like the Ruger Vaqueros, made in larger frame guns back jn 1989.

Major 2:
  Bolt spring?  is my guess, weak or perhaps loose?

If you reload you can get 45 Auto Rim brass https://www.starlinebrass.com/45-auto-rim-brass


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