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Johnny McCrae:
The 2024 NCOWS Nationals will be held in Parker, Kansas on June 6, 2024 thru June 8, 2024 at the Free State Rangers Range.

Here is the link to a website that contains information about the 2024 Nationals including the registration form.

Thanks Johnny.

Dusty Tagalon:
Thanks, made motel reservations 4/26, will have registration in mail Monday.
Crap, as much as I want, I can’t attend, financially hit too hard.


  Had a great time at the National Shoot. Great job and thank you to everyone that worked so hard to put this together.  Nice seeing everyone. 

It was a good time and great to see everyone.   Sorry I had to miss the Banquet (and the pie!).   The infection I had fought off seemed to take its toll and I hit a wall on Saturday.   Thanks to everyone who helped me pack up as well!  You are a great group to ride with.    Since Saturday at ~5 pm, I have slept about 25 hours and now feel much better.   


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