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Lincoln Area Regulators 2020 shoots


Mustang Gregg:

We are again affiliated with SASS for 2020.
We will be 6 shoots in 2020.
They are the first Saturdays.
04 APR
02 MAY
06 JUN
01 AUG
05 SEP
03 OCT
There will be no shoot in July because it would fall on Independence Day.
They are held on Range #1 at the Izaak Walton League #65.
It is located 3.5 miles east of Lincoln on Hwy 4 and south 0.5 mile on 134th St.

New for 2020!!
We are going to allow 1911's to be used in place of your CAS six-shooters for the first 2 matches.
If it is successful, we will adopt it.  We will also allow shooters to go through the stages twice (in different categories).

And we will have our after-shoot field trips to Work-N-Ranch for refreshments (and replacements) just a couple miles east of the range.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Mustang Gregg
(402) 429-2277

BTW--Don't forget to support our other local CAS clubs.
Lincoln:  (G&P indoor) Salt Creek, Terry Lane                        1st Sundays
Alda:  (HSP GRI) Platte Valley Gunslingers, Stirrup Trouble     Varies Sundays
Louisville:  (ENGC) Eastern NE Cowboys, Crooked Creek         2nd Sundays
Topeka:  (Capitol City Cowboys), Bulldog Brown                            4th Sundays

ira scott:
No love for the BRR?  Second Sunday of the month?

Mustang Gregg:
What?  No love?  BRR?  Oops.
Hell, I reckon that I forgot them.

Well, I used to be a member there, when we lived only 5 minutes from Val.   
We aren't NCOWS members anymore.
And as far as I know, the ENGC SASS shoot is the same day.

Anyway the thread was for the LAR's advertisement and promotion.



ira scott:
I was just being a bit of a smartass Sir!  Just thought I'd add to your BTW list. Not a requirement to be an NCOWS member to come shoot with us if you would like to experience some targets that are not quite so up close and personal.(sometimes downright challenging!)

Respectfully yours,  Mike Scott  AKA: Broken Nose Scotty

Mustang Gregg:
Okay.  Back when we were in NCOWS and also BRR members, there was a requirement to be NCOWS unless it was a scheduled "greenhorn" match.

Actually I hardly get to any Sunday shoots anymore, because of Church services on Sundays.
But when I do, I go to the ENGC shoot at 60 miles.  It's on the same day as BRR at 100 miles.

BTW:  LAR targets are at the SASS recommended distances or further.
We don't set targets at those really short distances.
But we have bonus targets and "fun stuff," like drawing cards, throwing "whiskey" bottles, spittoon dipping, KD rifle targets.


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