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Will Ketchum:
I use to have this posted as a sticky on the TFS.  I figure it is time to put it here.

Will Ketchum

Form a NCOWS Posse

A posse may be formed with only three members, but must have at least five members by the end of it’s first calendar year and maintain at least five members there after. 50% of all members and 100% of the posse officers must be NCOWS members.  Posses must subscribe to NCOWS Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations, including standards of historical authenticity for all events for which the Posse requests NCOWS official sanction, and maintain NCOWS membership for at least half it’s members and all it's officers.  Posse must conduct at least two NCOWS-sanctioned events a year, which need not be shoots.  Posses must pay an initial Charter Fee of $35.00 (renewable annually also for $35.00).  Posses may, of course, require more rigorous standards for their members and activities and may employ lesser standards for non-NCOWS-sanctioned events.  To apply for a Charter: submit a letter of application including a statement of purpose, a copy of the Posse’s organizational By-Laws, a list of Posse members (indicating which of them are NCOWS members and/or are applying for NCOWS membership---include new membership applications and fees), a proposed schedule of events to be sanctioned by NCOWS (if any), the name of the Posse’s Territorial Representative, and the Charter Fee.  Upon approval by the Executive Committee, the Posse’s Charter will be granted and the action published in the next issue of “The Shootist”. The Posse may immediately begin to employ the benefits of NCOWS membership.

Major 2:
Thanks Will...

couple of questions though..
To apply for a Charter:
 submit a letter of application including a statement of purpose... OK 

a copy of the Posse’s organizational By-Laws, ... is there and example of these somewhere ?

 a list of Posse members (indicating which of them are NCOWS members and/or are applying for NCOWS membership ... OK

include new membership applications and fees),  no problem

 a proposed schedule of events to be sanctioned by NCOWS (if any),  ... that will be down the road

the name of the Posse’s Territorial Representative... What are the qualifications for and the responsibilities of this Person ?

Will Ketchum:
Well Major I think Joss House will probably jump in here and give you some advice since he did this not long ago.  I have never started a posse so I would defer to him.  As for the Territorial Representative I am more knowledgeable.  They are expected to attend the meetings of the congress but since that is difficult for those like Joss House that live quite a distance there is a proxy process.  The Territorial Representatives and Senators are given the agenda prior to the meetings and a proxy to submit if they are unable to attend.  It works fairly well.

To be a rep you need to be able to think of what your fellow posse members would feel about an issue and to sometimes put aside your own ideas if they conflict with the majority of the other members..  Many times on a given issue I will poll the members of my posse and vote accordingly but since I know them fairly well I can pretty much guess how they would want me to vote.

It is helpful if the Territorial Representative has e-mail and Internet accessibility to discuss issues and find out things for their posse.

Will Ketchum


Major 2:
Accutually,  Joss that's my bad...

I was looking at the link (to here) you gave in the other topic , and forgot to click back to that thread, when I replied.

That why it's both places , sorry

I'll use the other " Florida thread", if we get enough pards to put this together... may take some doing.

Is the NCOWS membership large enough in the Los Ageles area to form a Posse?
If so, please have them contact me.


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