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Major Matt Lewis:
I read one of Joss's post about how NCOWS can accomodate our little niches and that got me thinking.  We are all quick to point out what we don't like, but I would like to start this thread with the focus of what we do like about NCOWS:

Me personally, I like the atmosphere of NCOWS.  Every NCOWS shoot that I have been to had a campfire going.  There is something about an open fire that really does it for me.  I like the primitive camping aspect too.  I will never take it to the level of Mike Tatham or Dr. Bob, but there is something ultra relaxing and casual about the intimacy created around a period campsite.  I also like the focus on history.

I think you all realize, I love the competitive shooting aspect of the game, but these are some of the other itches that NCOWS scratches for me.  What does it do for you? 

Major Matt Lewis:

I was hoping that folks had something nice to say tonight....

Wymore Wrangler:
Major Matt, you converted, I'll take a campfire with Delmonico's cooking over a fancy overpriced dinner any day.  Throw in the nices folks this side of anywhere, and I don't think you can get any better than NCOWS.... ;D


Dr. Bob:
Maj. Matt & all,

I like NCOWS because it encomapsses a wide range of activities and interests.  I enjoy the re-enacting as well as the shooting.  I enjoy the company of my longtime pards of the KVC, as well as my new pards in NCOWS.  I enjoy combining historical research and developing a "persona" to go with my alais and CAS shooting.  I enjoy sharing my love of material culture in my camp, clothing & knowledge.

I appreciate all the help, so readily offered by members in getting started in CAS.  My hat is off the fine members of NCOWS who are always willing to share their knowledge with the new guy or gal.  Thanks for making mine a great experience.

I like NCOWS because I like historic re-enacting combined with throwing lead at real targets.  I liked Buckskinners because we shot real bullets at real targets.  Did'nt like Civil War re-enactments so well because of shootin' blanks, however, I did like learning about the period and the history.  So NCOWS gives us the best of both worlds, military and civilian.  Going to the GAF muster really got me excited about the military re-enacting, so I'm brainstorming my persona this winter.  I was an E-4 when I got out of the Army in 1978, we have a relative who was an enlisted man in the civil war, named Isaiah Coffee, so I'm thinkin', Corporal Coffee, and I'm going to make him an artillery man, because I like the red stripes and big black powder booms!


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