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Dalton Masterson:
Google Map of Nebraska Clubs -

What about clubs out West and up North???

Also, any clubs within a reasonable driving distance in other states can be added as well. Hill City, KS comes to mind, as its only an hour and a half away for me.

Also, if anyone knows how to embed this thing, or if we even can, please let me know. It would be nice to just have the map visible right here on the page.
Thanks, DM

Bow View Haymaker:
Here is the directions and the GPS for the Columbus Rifle Club Range. 
I'm not sure how to add it to the map.

Range:  Columbus Rifle Club; directions as follows:
From the West edge of Columbus (Cubby’s on 48th Ave & Hwy 81) continue West approx. 2 miles
on Hwy 81 North to 235th Avenue (Central Confinement Services);
Turn North onto 235th Avenue go approx. 2 miles North to 265th Street (Stop Sign),
(at the hilltop with farm equipment, you can see the dirt backstop);
Turn East onto 265th Street go approx. 100 yards East to South side of the intersection.

For those that are skilled with a GPS unit and would like the coords for the range location, here it is:
    Lat = 41.4958335632,     Lon = 97.4269449061           (or)
    41 degrees, 29 minutes, 45 seconds North    and    97 degrees, 25 minutes, 37 seconds West

I'll see if I can find the actual street address.

River City John:
the Blue River Regulators range is located in Valparaiso, NE.



Dalton Masterson:
RCJ, I need a location via GPS to map it. That and contact info, which I believe is in Quick Fires post in the schedules thread. Once I get that info, I can mark it on the map.
Thanks, DM

The last weekend of June is the GAF International Grand Muster in my pasture (41°40'16.24"N Latitude and  99°19'42.54"W Longitude ) Take Pit Spit Lane north to my yard. Go north of the house through the gate, and down the lane to the irrigation canal. Turn right on the canal trail to the bridge. Go across the bridge and immediately turn right and follow the trail to the top of the hill. You'll see it from there. In case of MUD stop at the yard and I'll ferry your supplies to the camp site with my 4 wheeler.
My contact info is below my avatar.

See the following thread:,49069.0.html


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