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Let's see your prized possessions!

Oh, by the way,   .... a GREAT BIG Thanks to the Marshall!

Capt. John Fitzgerald:
I have a couple of USFA's that I consider "collectable."  First, and foremost, is a .38 cal.,  1851 Navy Richards Mason conversion.  It is my understanding that no more than 35 of these were made before USFA abandoned the project.  The presentation case was made by Bill Shumate at www.billscases.com . The USFA label was modified by me.  The macro setting on my camera caused a bit of distortion to the picture.

My other collectable is one of the now discontinued 16" Buntlines with skeleton shoulder stock.

So...  What USFA guns would you consider to be "collectable?"  Any one of their percussion revolvers?  First models of the Omni-Potent?  The Henry Nettleton series?

Turquoise Bill:
Well here is one of my SAA in .44-40, looking to acquire the  2nd. These will go with my USFA Premium Lightning in .44-40 26" Octagon barrel


Turquoise Bill:
Here's a couple of pictures of the USFA Lightning, .44-40 26" Octagon barrel, geeze, guess I have to buy a bigger safe, arsenal continues to expand. ;D

Calamity Jane ( the one and only)

How are those hawglegs workin' out for ya? I didn't steer ya wrong did I?
Sure are purty with those 7 1/2" barrels.


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