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Limitations on the "cartridge overall length" for the 1873?


SAAMI specs for the cartridge indicate 1.600 inches as max; 1.515 minimum.  Anything wrong with either extreme for the 45 Colt in the 1873?


1.6" is the nominal length of the carrier and its mortice in the frame.  Longer will jam.  Commercial .45 ammo and common Magma molds for 200gr and 250gr bullets will make ammo at about 1.58" crimped in the crimp groove, which is ideal for the toggle link guns.  The minimum you mentioned is no problemo.  I shoot 45 Schofield ammo with OAL of 1.39" in my .45 '73. That is right at the minimum. 


 :)  Short Answer.  NO.  Nothing at all.

Just don't exceed the length of the Carrier Block.


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