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The Cutting Edge / Re: 19th Century Knife Sheaths
« Last post by 1961MJS on Today at 09:28:25 PM »
Hi Dale
I know you have kids going to college so you don't need money.  This book is helpful:

If you decide to learn beading, I may still have some stuff.  Beading was so easy to learn, I learnt to carve leather....   ;D

Tacks are a LOT easier.

The Barracks / Re: January Precision Pistol Match
« Last post by 1961MJS on Today at 09:18:47 PM »

(Watch me at the Grand Muster, probably unboxing the 45 Colt I finally settled on. . . .)
Hell that's what I started with, I didn't know cowboys knew about .38s and .32's.  Of course, not I have a .30-40 Krag.
STORM / Re: Franklin Mint Pistols
« Last post by Niederlander on Today at 09:11:32 PM »
Gotta love those guys!
The Barracks / Re: January Precision Pistol Match
« Last post by LongWalker on Today at 08:56:02 PM »
I finally got rid of the Cimarron 32-20, have hopes of finding a GAF-suitable .44 special/Russian or 38 special.  Saw tons of repro-SAAs yesterday, some conversions, etc--unfortunately the interesting ones were all in 45 Colt.  I may have to break down and go that route, but I'll wait a few more months.  I've got til June-ish, right?

(Watch me at the Grand Muster, probably unboxing the 45 Colt I finally settled on. . . .)
NCOWS / Re: 44 colt/russian
« Last post by Pappy Hayes on Today at 07:58:01 PM »
Is there anyone in NCOWS close to Independence Missouri that reloads the 44s that would reload for me?
STORM / Re: Franklin Mint Pistols
« Last post by Crow Choker on Today at 07:37:16 PM »
The one's I've seen functioned as a working revolver, but didn't have the cylinder chambers fully bored. Neither the percussion or the fully bored through cylinder models. Bored some at the barrel end, but only an inch or so. Also saw one (a 73 Colt Peacemaker) that had the screw that is found at the end of the ejector shroud screwed up through the barrel. Was at a big antique and household type show back around six years ago in a large Iowa city being held at a large college arena. One of the sellers there had a Franklin mint John Wayne Commemorative Colt Peacemaker complete with holster and belt just like the Duke carried. The seller was stating that the gun could be converted over to firing real ammo. Also had a Colt Open Top or Conversion offered for sale that was a Franklin Mint production that he stated was a 'Genuine' Colt from the 1860's.

Started to question the guy acting like I was interested and a real uneducated Joe Blow on firearms. The speal' he gave me and the selling points were real works of art. Advised how the Duke special was a special run, could fire real ammo if converted over, and was a rare item. The Open Top/Conversion he stated was a real Colt product that Old Sam Colt developed himself just after the Civil War was over. He offered both of them to me at a special price. Advised that the Franklin Mint stampings on it were the result of some federal requirement for sale but it was really a 'Real Colt'.

 After I could take all that I could take I unloaded on him Advised him that the Franklin Mint guns could not be made to fire, that they didn't have the steel or metal to take the pressures of live ammo. Pointed out alot of things on them that prevented it and asked him what about the screw going up into the barrel that held the end of the ejector shroud. He said a shorter screw was available. The open top style Colt I pointed out to him was nothing but a cheap pot metal like Colt just like the Duke Special, that Colt didn't offer them until around 1870 (long after the war) and if Sam Colt died around 1862 how could he have help develop the revolver. I advised him he was a fraud, a liar, and out to scam someone. He grabbed them off his table he was showing them on to me and advised he wasn't selling to me. I went to one of the show officials and explained the guy and his fraud. The official went over and was talking to the guy. Next I saw the scammer taking his junk and putting it into a plastic tub. The official advised me he told the guy to get em off the table or leave and if they came back out, he would be tossed out and not allowed to return. The following year the wife and I went back to the same show and the scammer had several tables. As I walked by his eyes followed me and his face had the look of "Is that the guy or I know him from somewhere". He didn't have any of his valuable firearms the 2nd year.  ;D ;D ;D   
The Barracks / Re: January Precision Pistol Match
« Last post by Quick Fire on Today at 07:30:06 PM »
I'm going to try for February. Been to crappy out for me to shoot
The Barracks / Re: January Postal Match
« Last post by Quick Fire on Today at 07:28:25 PM »
February sounds good to me until late today I had way too much snow on my range to try and shoot
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: 44 Colt/Russian
« Last post by Crow Choker on Today at 06:27:57 PM »
Is there no company making 44 Colt/Russian ammo? Can't see to find any. Anyone in my area of Independence  MO that does reloading?

Hey Pappy!  Ammo for these calibers, esp the 44 Colt hard to find and expensive to buy. Setting up a basic reloading press, dies, scale, etc is a $$ expense to start, but well worth it. You don't have to be at the mercy of trying to find ammo. Casting lead bullets cheapin's up things too. If I had to buy all of the ammo for all of the calibers and types of firearms I have, I'd be selling a bunch. Be no fun IMO shooting what factory ammo costs. Components are to find at times due to current game of things, but if you're persistive, they can be found. I prefer RCBS and Redding reloading equipment for the most part, but a ton of ammo is loaded with Lee's and many shooters load quality ammo on it. A bit cheaper also to get set up to reload. Buying one of the sets/kits is usually cheaper than buying piece by piece. Reloading can be like alot of hobby's, ya buy at first what ya think you need, but there's always something you want to add to make it easier, faster, or whatever. Unless you want to spend more, the kits with the single stage press can reload ya alot of ammo. Sure a progressive press or a Dillion type that produces a round with every pull of the handle is fast, but I've been reloading since 1976 on a single stage RCBS RockChucker that can produce alot of ammo in an afternoon or two's work. I love to reload as much as shooting so it isn't a chore or hassle to me and I reload alot of handgun and rifle calibers that gives me as much ammo as I want.

Is it safe to shoot 44 special in Richard's type 2 and what grain should I use?

My Open Top (7.5" barrel) is stamped on the box as 44 Colt but chambered in 44 Special. Reason was advised by Cimarron employee that at the time I bought it (2007) alot of shooters wanted a OT or conversion in 44 Special but didn't want it stamped on the frame due to the fact the 44 Spec was a 1907 introduced cartridge (period correct stuff). Sometime later Cimarron stopped this policy and stamped whatever caliber the gun was. My 2009 Richards II has 44 Spec on the box. My other Open Top (4.75" barrel) has 44 Colt stamped on the box. All three though just have 44 CAL stamped on the left side of the receiver. Go figure.

When I first got the 7.5" OT in 2007 my intention was to load 44 Colts with FFF Black and smokeless in 44 Spec brass so powder ID would be an easy thing. Did so for a while but had so much fun just shooting 44 Colts loaded with a 200 grain Lee and later a 200 grain Mav Dutchman cast lead bullets, I quit for the most part with the 44 Spec smokeless loads. Mostly shoot hotter smokeless 44 Spec loads in my 44 Mag revolvers. I have loaded some 44 Spec loads with black but have never seen any advantage or reason. Few years back switched over to using FF Black and Mav Dutchman's in the 44 Colt. I have loaded up some suitable pressure smokeless loads in 44 Special for the Colts in the last few years, but not many, enjoy the 44 Colt black powder loads more.

 In regards is it safe to shoot 44 Specials in a Uberti conversion (Richards II), the 4.75" Open Top listed as 44 Colt, I have no problem chambering or firing 44 Specials in it. Have only done so a few times with the few black powder 44 Specials I loaded up. When loaded, the bullet tip is well into the front of the chamber. Some time back on this forum this discussion came up and several shooters also posted about no trouble in firing 44 Spec ammos in a Uberti marked 44 Colt. Saw a post once that advised Uberti is pretty generous with the chambers in regard to 44 Colt vs 44 Special. A call to Cimarron could give you their take on it. As I stated earlier, 44 Colts get the vast majority of my shooting with the three Uberti Colts. The 44 Specials chamber fully with no resistance and unfired rounds fall freely out of the chambers.

Someone will need to chime in that has loaded both 44 Colt and Russian, if you want to load both those.  Some Russian die sets might work on Colt as well, I'm not sure.  I do know that the 44 Colt has a smaller rim and uses a different shell holder than 44 Mag/Spcl/Russian. 

I use Lee dies for most stuff, has always been fine for me, and they tend to be the least expensive.
Quickest die set for both .44 Russian and .44 (inside lubed) Colt would be to buy Lee's .44 Russian set plus a .44 Colt shell holder. Colt rim is smaller in diameter than the S&W Russian. Use the appropriate shell holder as per case being loaded and then work the case mouth expander and seating dies up or down as to the shorter Russian or longer Colt case. Not much different than using the .44 mag set being used to load .44 Special.   

I've been reloading for my open top style Colts since 2007. I have a RCBS 'Cowboy' die set marked for 44 Russian and 44 Special. While I've never loaded or even shot any Russians, any of the die sets marked as will load the Russian, Colt, and Special. Brass height difference is around 1/8" difference respectively for the three. Just have to set the dies accordingly. When I started loading 44 Magnums, I had to buy a 44 Mag bullet seater/crimper as the Russian/Special RCBS die set didn't allow me the extra height needed for seating bullets in 44 Mag brass, which is around another 1/8" higher than the Specials. The carbide sizer die and case mouth expander were ok, dimensions for all three calibers are all the same as far as sizing and any case mouth expanding.

Case holders for a press and/or a primer seater for the Russian and Special are the same. The 44 Colt being slightly smaller in rim size, takes a holder a bit smaller.  I use a Lee hand primer and the Special takes a #11 as does the Russian. The 44 Colt uses a #9. Lee press holders are the same numbers as the hand primer (there is a difference in the Lee hand primers and Lee press brass holders construction). A RCBS press takes #18 for the Russian and Special. Read once that the 44 Colt takes the same press holder as the 41 Magnum caliber, a #30. Bought one and its way to tight. Bought a Lee #9 for my press. The Russian and Specials rim diameters run around 0.506- 0.514". The 44 Colt runs 0.479-0.483", a difference of around 0.03", not much but eyeballing them ya can see the difference. FWIW, the 44 Mag takes the same shell holders as the Russian and Special.

I just load and shoot soft cast lead bullets. Started out with a 200 grain Lee flat round nose style bullet but switched over to one of Dick Dastardly's 200 grain Mav Dutchman molds/bullets. They carry more lube than the Lee. Size bullets to .430". Tried .429" but couldn't see much difference so settled on the .430".

As stated, before started out with FFF black, but after reading down in the Storm section of the forum, I switched over to using FF Black in the 44's. Fox Creek Kid had some posts explaining how the FF has a slower pressure curve than FFF resulting in a 'more harmonious outcome'. There's alot of load info on the STORM site if ya do a search, this section also. The 44 Colt isn't a mystery or harder than any other caliber to reload. For smokeless powders, while I've yet to use it in the 44 Colt, it would be no different than in the 44 Special, you'd just have to reduce the charge some. In the 44 Special I had good luck with Titegroup, Win 231/Hodg HP38, Trail Boss, tried some RedDot. The 44 Russian wouldn't be much different, just have to find a powder that works and adjust the charge accordingly. Not a whole lot of 44 Colt loads from the 'big' powder and bullet companies. More info is around now though than back in 2007 when I first started loading for the 44 Colt. Hope some of this lengthy rambling helps ya Pappy. Good Luck.
The Leather Shop / Re: 1880s Winchester Sling
« Last post by BrushyCreekDouglas on Today at 05:24:49 PM »
@BrushyCreekDouglas: That sling looks exactly like the leather-sling used on the M1896 Swedish Mauser rifles.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was stamped with three crowns forming a triangle...?

It is very similar indeed, I examined the sling very closely and was unable to find any markings or stamps. The rifle had a factory letter that showed it as a special order rifle, with a tang sight, ladder rear sight, a beech style front sight and a sling. All the other components from the letter are in place, so far as I know it’s the original sling to the rifle, but there is no way of knowing 100%.

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