Author Topic: Dovetail front sight and hammer effort  (Read 2688 times)

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Dovetail front sight and hammer effort
« on: April 28, 2006, 12:11:32 PM »
I've had several Colts, just got a Remmie.

I have a Pietta but think I'd like a dovetail mounted front sight for windage adjustment and easier change-out.

Could some of you all confirm if the Uberti versions have a dovetail front sight mount ?

If so I could just get the Uberti part from VTI and get the dovetail cut.

My other question concerns the effort need to cock the hammer. I've turned the tension screw out but the hammer still requires much more cocking effort than my Colt clones. Does anybody make a lighter mainspring that is still reliable ?
I don't want any missfires. Is this just typical of the Remmies ? ???

Anybody have any suggestions for a good smith to install a dovetail front sight.

What's "legal" in cowboy shooting,especially "Cowboy Fast Draw" ?
I'd like to get a ramp style for an easier draw...

Thanks All

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Re: Dovetail front sight and hammer effort
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2006, 01:16:15 PM »
I'm assuming you got a Uberti 1858 (New Model Army) Remington. The front sight for them costs about five dollars and is easy to drift out or in. You may find that a new one will be a bit loose and you can either shim it or, as I do, tap the dovetail face on the front or rear with a small centerpunch mark if needed before putting it in.

Regarding the hammer spring, VTI offers a lighter spring for the Pietta. I bought a pair of them on their say that it would fit my Uberti. Not the case at all. You will need to take some of the spring off each side, leaving a half inch or so at both ends the same width. It's an easy job, though. Just order a spare spring (another 5-spot) and start working it down with a dremel tool. Take care not to heat the spring beyond what you can hold with your bare fingers or you'll take the temper out of it and it will be no good. You can use a grinder if you don't have a dremel, but be very careful to keep it cool. I quench mine in water after every pass. After you get it roughed in, then you will need to hand polish or use the fine sand drum on your Dremel to remove any grind marks that go across the spring. Cross marks make stress points that can start cracking the eventually break the spring. The reason I recommend a spare spring is if you take too much off, you can fall back on the original one and take less off that one. You will probably end up taking almost to 1/8 " off each side if you're shooting cartridges. For Cap & Ball, you will need a somewhat stiffer spring and not take that much off. Take a little off and try it in the gun before taking more off. You will eat up a couple hours on the first one, but it's worth the time. when you're done, you can screw the tension screw back in and stiffen it some. That way you get a good fine adjustment. I always find what works then measure how much of the screw head is sticking out. Then I cut the end of the screw off so the head goes flush with the grip frame.

Regarding cowboy fast draw, that's a whole different organization and, for safety reasons, it isn't allowed in cowboy action shooting.

Hope this helps you.

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Re: Dovetail front sight and hammer effort
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2006, 03:46:08 PM »
Ubertis have a driftable front sight and a tension screw that is functionsl. Otherwise you can try a Colt '51 or '60 mainspring. It wont sit in the spring cutout like a Remmie spring but will lighten the spring nicely.
A Pietta allows the barrel to be turned to line up windage.
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Re: Dovetail front sight and hammer effort
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