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I did it! A Marlin 1894 Century Limited headed my way.

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Tuolumne Lawman:
I'm like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" waiting for his Red Ryder BB Gun!

The first annual SASS match I ever shot was the Railroad Flat match in 1995, and I used a Marlin 1894 Century Limited as my main match rifle then! I paid $600 for it then, which was a chunk of change.  A few year later, I traded it off for an 1860 Henry.   About 2006, I got another one for $800 without box, and it was a shooter...  About a year later, I sold it to a friend to raise money for a move cross country.  Have missed it ever since....

Well, I found one online , also without box for $1500 and pulled the pin and bought it. It has some minor dings on the stock from the gun cart, but it will be my "shooter," giving my HRA 1860 Henry a rest for a bit. 

In this market, that's not too bad, as I have been tracking them, and they generally got for north of $2,000.  There is one with a box for starting bid of $2,400, and an employee one with gold for $3,200 starting. The cheapest I saw one go for in the last year has been $1,900 and some change....

I am going to that same annual Railroad Flat match Memorial day weekend, and hope to have a Century Limited  to shoot it again as I did that first match. Deja Vu!

Tuolumne Lawman:

Major 2:
you'll shoot you eye out  :)

Baltimore Ed:
He’s safe, got his glasses on. When I want to play I shoot my replicas but when I want to win I shoot my Marlin.

Tuolumne Lawman:
Wow!  I love it.  I got it in time to be able to pick it up and use it at Railroad Flat next weekend.  Not mint, by any means, but great.  color case 100%, blued 98+% (Can see a faint mark on barrel where it rested in the gun cart.  Wood is great, too.  Forearm is 100%, and stack has some surface gun cart dings, but nothing major.  I hit the wood with Birchwood Casey stock wax, and it really brought out the quarter sawn grain and burls.  I'd give it an overall 98%.  Pics to come.



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