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Rowdy Fulcher:
Who loves the 45-70 I have a half octagon half round that came from Davidson's . I used it to kill a few Deer . Haven't shot it in several years .

Tuolumne Lawman:
I did an article for the Cowboy Chronicle on the Marlin 1895 when it first came out in the 1895CB model.  I really liked it. It did really great with SPG lubed bullets and BP.   I didn't keep it because I don't do long range stuff.   A couple guys in our SASS club have them and use them in long large side matches.  They love them.

 Never heard of a half octagon half round in the modern ones, that sounds really cool. I don't have a .45-70 but I did find about 50 shells at the local range and I saved them 'cause I want to get one.

pony express:
I have one purchased in  the early 1980's, straight grip, micro groove, no safety on them yet at that time. I've carried it but never got a shot at deer. Planning on using it this year, so I bought an older Weaver K-2.5 scope due to the front sight being pretty much invisible anymore. (Darn 61 year old eyes!) Just mounted the scope this afternoon. Never fear, it came already D/T from the factory. Original plug screws safely stored in a labeled ziplock bag. Now time to hit the loading bench and work up some loads. Because of the type of rifling, I'm planning on using some of the 350gr Berry's Plated bullets for practice, with Reloader 7.

I cant set still until I put in my two bits here.  I,too, have a Marlin but rather than one, I have two.  One belongs to my daughter if she ever comes and gets it.  The load that I use is 58 grains of 3031.  I have killed several deer with that load and our daughter got her first one with that rifle and that load.  The bullet that is used is the Hornady 300 grain jacketed hollow point.  Have never had any trouble with it either.  That rifle kicks a mite but you just got to hang on it a bit. That has been and is probably the best powder that I have ever found to use.  I use that same powder and charge in the 45-70, the 45-90 and my son's 40-82.  All have made meat with that powder.  The only caliber that is different is for the 40-82 and that is a 260 grain jacketed soft point.  So--to make a long story short, take your rifle and  shoot the bejaysus out of it.  It is a great rifle and a fantastic cartridge and have fun.



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