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Re: '92 for deer and bear
« Reply #40 on: November 09, 2017, 03:54:51 PM »
Congrats for giving an old soldier a new life! Go git them wascally wabbits! That rifle should make head shots easy.

Added two more grouse to the larder this am, head shots with the '92. Flushed five more but they never gave me a shot. Strange they were that geetchy as I was in a spot most people would not care to go.

Heres the finished article - well the mechanics work is done anyway - its come summer and I gotta hit the road for work - theres  blueing / finishing to be done (after christmas) and need some more help on that score before I go ahead - dont want a modern black finish - if anybody can point me to how I get ba nice blue colour like the magazine tube has here ????
Target posted is 6 shots at 50 yards off a rest - three nice ones in the ten - what shes capable of - three scattered in the nine - operator error! Its been fun - a lot of work - am very pleased with the result - thisn I will shoot!

ps since lastpics posted I ditched the globe frontsite - found me a neat little winchester original with the patent date and securing screw and a nice low to barrel rear sight - may even ditch the tang sight altogether


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