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Files into knives


Major 2:
I have done this in the past, and I'm working on a large bowie now....
it's made feom a Farriers Rasp.... the final shape is complete
Now it's time to fit the scales...
I'll post photo's when complete

Major, I've got a project like that to do some time, planning on making a couple of smaller Arkansas Toothpicks.  How do you do yours?  I had one of my blacksmith friends anneal the two files and then will re-heat treat them when I'm done and ready to do the finish work.

Surely an engineering file or rasp is too brittle to be a knife blade, ( I've dropped a few and broke them).
Is there some sort of heat treatment after forging that takes away the brittleness?



Major 2:

I knew a guy who is a member of the Knife Guild he make some real beauties, but I can't afford to own what he makes
I've watched and try to duplicate his process.

He's doing Damascus blades now... but when he started he used Files & Railroad spikes and hammered them with twisted grips.

I have some high carbon (old Farriers rasps) and some basterd files>
I heat them red-hot and allow the blank to cool slowly, to anneal it....I use delta 1" belt and disk bench sander and when the metal get almost to hot to hold I allow it to cool before I continue shaping.
To finish I heat to blue hot turning Dark red under the torch and quench in oil and polish....

I'm sure I'm not scientific, but it makes a pretty good servicable knife... but a no Knife Guild show stoper.

litl rooster:
  Seen e'm made from straighten horse shoes.  One half for the handle and the other half pounded out for the blade. 

The farrier rasp knifes I have seen were heat treated different ways, oil- sand and water by different makers.   I have a few worn down rasp and always wanted to try and dublicate one.  I no longer have accesss to a forge or anvil without traveling to a friends.  I may make that trip some time


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