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1875 Remington Outlaws Light strickes

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Charlie Bowdre:
hi folks I shoot a pair of 1875 Outlaws ,love em but i am getting a few light strikes on my primers , mostly on Win Lg Primers.
On the second tap they go off
Might it be the primers? Or...is their a quick fix?
Thanks Appreciate all replys

I would ask some questions.
Do you have a lightened main spring?
Are the primer hits good on the ones that went off the first time, or a little shallow looking?
Is it possible that you had somewhat high primers? These would get seated on the first hammer blow.
Do you shoot with 2 hands?  Some people "ride the hammer down" with the thumb occasionally, or the hammer hits their thumb on the way down.
How long have you had the guns before this started?
You said "mostly on Win Lg primers".  Has it happened with Federal?
If this only happens at matches, then yes you are going to keep cycling until it goes bang, but have you looked at one of those that didn't go bang to be sure it didn't have an off-center hit?  (off-center hits: cylinder over-rotating).
That's all I can think of at the moment.

Charlie Bowdre:
No to the lightened mainspring, The first strike is not heavy ,and a bit dimpled
All are checked prior to loading so I would say no to them being high
yes two handed SASS style
Started almost right away
Not happened with Federal or CCI
Will check next time i go to the range with regards off centered hits

Thank you so much

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Well that is odd that it doesn't happen with Federal or CCI.  CCI used to be the hardest primer but not any more (if you are using newer primers). But since you have the full power main spring, that is odd since it should set off ANY primer, unless it is old and worn and lost it's strength.  I won't insult your intelligence by asking if those are Large RIFLE Winchester primers.   ;) 

I guess less likely things would be the hammer rubbing on the side its slot in the frame (you would see scratches on the side of the hammer), but that usually only affects guns with lighter springs.  Maybe check to see if the firing pin is worn and not protruding through the frame far enough. 

Maybe somebody else will chime in.  I don't really have shooting experience with Remingtons, but these things are pretty universal.  You might consider posting this in the gunsmithing section.  Some people only look at specific forums. 

Light hits are a pain.  Good luck!

King Medallion:
How much is your tension screw turned in?


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