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16 ga shells found


Baltimore Ed:
I passed through Richmond today on 95 and stopped at Bass pro shop and Green Top. Bass pro was a bust but Green Top had tons of guns, powder, shot/wads, bullets and 16 ga Fiocchi shells. Picked up a couple boxes of #8 for a friend and a 25 lb bag of #9 [54.00] for me. Check them out at the old Cabelas store. 16 ga is unobtanium in NC.

Lucky R. K.:

16 Ga. shotshells are available at Outdoor Limited in High Point N. C. I just received a full case, 10 boxes and they look really good. I think they are Russian since I can't read anything on the box. I will give a report when I shoot them.
Total cost with all fees was just over$180.00.


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