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Why did I look?!?


Little Dalton:
Now I’m just a young(ish) whippersnapper, but I knew better than to look at Gunbroker while broke. Y’all, look at this so you can sympathize with me. And who knows, maybe one of you will pick this beautiful girl up and give her a good home.


Cap'n Redneck:
You have my sympathy. 
It would be the pride of any cowboys guncart...!  8)

Dave T:
I wonder why no one has bid on it? Probably scared of the Damascus barrels. If there are no signs of pitting I would load up some more brass 12ga shells with black powder and enjoy the heck out of it.

Back when I was competing in CAS I had a Damascus double hammer gun by Stevens. I shot it for 10+ years with nothing but black. Never a sign of problem and it locked up as tight after all those years as when I bought it in the pawn shop.



Navy Six:
Please stop posting something that beautiful. I can't afford it.


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