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Shotguns / Re: Simson Suhl sxs sold by geco
« Last post by Tornado on Yesterday at 07:46:43 PM »
On the other hand if you leave the 30" and miss for some freak reason, you could just push the knock-down targets over with the barrels.  ;D
Cool shotgun!
Shotguns / Re: need source for Chinese '87
« Last post by Macon Due on Yesterday at 04:58:44 PM »
No Sir, 32850 Avionics on C-130s.
Tall Tales / Re: April 1, Fooling around making the coffee & toast
« Last post by Major 2 on Yesterday at 02:52:22 PM »
Happy nap and outcome  :)
CAS City Classifieds / Re: Gone
« Last post by Hair Trigger Jim on Yesterday at 02:45:01 PM »
Looks like it actually took over an hour.  Hard to believe it is.
They fit me better than Colts. Got a pair of 1890's too, in 45Colt.  Basically they are 75's without the under barrel rib.
STORM / Re: How accurate?
« Last post by Mako on Yesterday at 02:21:59 PM »
To your original post, the accuracy other than for a fighting pistol can be all over the place with the barrels held on as they are and with the way that CoffinMaker(one wurd) pointed out that Uberti insists on making the Arbor lengths (and sometimes bore to arbor fits).

I have seen individuals use feeler gauges to set the gap between the barrel and cylinder each time they reassemble the revolver trying to keep the barrel parallel to the arbor.  They press the wedge in with their thumbs while having the shim in between.  The problem is that it won't stay unless you press the wedge in a bit more and then while shooting it tends to loosen up. 

I've seen a wedge drop out (unbeknownst to the shooter) and the barrel get pushed forward upon firing.  Fortunately no harm done to man or the beastie he was shooting.  He thought the gun had exploded, but the barrel actually stayed on the arbor, it was sitt'n catawampus)  That is a technical descriptive geometry term used by the finer carpenters of coffins and other such fine furniture.

And, CoffinMaker(one wurd) is right about the malady is not confined to Uberti cap and ball revolvers.  I have some 71/72 Open Tops and a couple of Richards Type II conversions and they also had short Arbors.  I only have one Uberti (an 1861 Model) that actually had an Arbor that was almost correct.  Probably .002" short, I left it alone.

As an aside, I had one 1860 that shot about 5 inches high at 15 yards, it needed a .100" taller sight. But that is how Colt's originally produced them to U.S. Army requirements.  I find it interesting the Army abandoned that philosophy upon accepting the '73 SAA, those don't seem to shoot a foot high at 50 yards.
You can stabilize and align the barrel with a spacer (There are lock washers {"spring washer"} you can use as spacers) in the arbor hole; or a built up arbor using a set screw, insert on the tip (exempli gratia the instructions from Pettifogger) or welding material on the end of the arbor.  That works well and I think I can almost guarantee you will get a 4" capable pistola at 25 yrds.

I believe all of Mine will do 4 inches at 25 yds if I do my part.  But, I want mine sighted in for 15 yards.  Them's pistol fight'n distances, otherwise turn and run away...

Tall Tales / Re: April 1, Fooling around making the coffee & toast
« Last post by Delmonico on Yesterday at 02:19:43 PM »
I'm home Rita is staying to night.  I'm sore but the actual problem feels better.  Took a pain pill and going to nap. 
Love the looks of the '75's - just don't fit my hands.
STORM / Re: How accurate?
« Last post by Mako on Yesterday at 01:36:35 PM »

Quote from: Galloway on Yesterday at 08:18:01 PM

 I have two without arbor modifications that will do under 4'' at 25 yards, but the poi is roughly 3'' high at 12yards, 6'' high at 25yards, and 12-15'' high at 50yards good luck

I could remedy that …thanks for the reply

Yep, Galloway needs a front sight that is .07" to .073" taller if he is talking about 1860s with 8 inch barrels and the rear sight on the hammer.  Harder to do with a blade than the round front sight on the Navy models and the Remingtons.

Typical Army thinking, have a revolver made that has the sights set for 75 or 100yds instead of the distances they would be used at.

Excellent guns! I have a pair in 44-40, my CAS guns for the past 12 years. Got action jobs right away and they have been trouble free all these years. I only wish they would come in 38/40 too!
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