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Colt Firearms / My Mod.P
« Last post by Macon Due on Yesterday at 05:34:15 PM »
Howdy Gents
I only have one 'real' Colt. It is a 3rd Generation mod.P in .45 Colt. A few years ago I sent it off for an action job and to have a set of real Elephant Ivories fitted. I don't shoot it a lot as I have a non-Colt or two so I keep it as my BBQ gun. :) I'll attach a picture.
Macon Due SSS 850.
HaHa, I know what you mean about a trot line weight ! Sure a big difference between an inadequate bullet and one of the correct shape like the rifle was designed for. I ordered my mold in a 3 cavity aluminum model and love it. The Spencer is indeed a 'Daisy' now !
The Leather Shop / Re: New Sunday Scabbard
« Last post by Marshal Will Wingam on Yesterday at 03:34:33 PM »
Mike is an experienced pro. Everything I've seen of his has been impressive.
Spencer Shooting Society / Re: Reproduction Spencers in .45
« Last post by Macon Due on Yesterday at 03:13:07 PM »
Two flints
 If it was me ,I'd ask for the exact same mold [ the # 45-240E] to be used also in the .45 S&W..... I asked for it to cast a .452"-.453" bullet out of wheel weight material. it says the 'meplat' is .18 but in reality it runs closer to .202-.205". If a person wanted it a bit larger in diameter I might ask for a 'meplat of .222" in which case I would also ask for the bullet weight to be increased from 240g to about 255 grains  cast from wheel weights with the extra weight in the nose length. In other words increase the length of the bullet but with the body of the bullet remaining the same length as it is now and the increase in overall length being in the nose. The reason for this being to ensure I did not end up with a less gently tapered , more stubby bullet than desired to function correctly.
Hope this helps.
Macon Due #850
The Leather Shop / Re: New Sunday Scabbard
« Last post by Johnny McCrae on Yesterday at 02:41:38 PM »
Mike did a very good job on this holster, considering it was his first attempt at one.  He says he has learned a lot and the next one won’t take as long. I am already planning my next one!
That's an awesone Holster especially for a first attempt. Look forward to seeing future projects.
Spencer Shooting Society / Re: Reproduction Spencers in .45
« Last post by Two Flints on Yesterday at 02:14:25 PM »
This is the bullet mold, as mentioned by Macon Due that he received from Tom at Accurate Molds.

Macon, for those SSS members who own a .45 Schofield Spencer, what do they ask Tom to make for them so that the 45-240E mold will work in their .45 Schofield Spencers?

Macon Due, many thanks for your posts on this subject.

Two Flints
  My pleasure Sir. For more than 10 years I've been in my own fight with my Armi Sport .44 Russian Spencer carbine imported by Taylor's. Polishing all mating surfaces only lead to a very nice action cycling. Until the magazine was loaded; fully or even partially. At that point I was so disappointed that a trot line weight was not out of the question. This last year I started working with bullet ogive, meplat and overall length from crimp groove to nose. Looking through period ammunition catalogs with line drawings of Spencer small frame carbine .44 centerfire ammunition (essentially .44 Henry Flat),  I started looking for available cast bullets. The first was from an old style Lyman .44-40 mould with a .427 diameter. Accuracy was excellent but, feeding was 'jiggy' at best. That company is gone now, so with the help of my good friend and gunsmith Bryan Buck we went searching the Accurate Moulds site and selected a possible replacement. By gawd Woodrow the choice is a Dasiy! The double cavity mould throws beautiful castings. Lubed and sized for my .427 bore accuracy is outstanding. But even more importantly the Spencer action works perfectly with a full magazine from start to finish. Cat fishing is now out of the question.  ;D
Spencer Shooting Society / Re: Reproduction Spencers in .45
« Last post by Macon Due on Yesterday at 12:58:51 PM »
two Flints
Yes Sir, His footsteps were to decide what was the major problem with feeding. His conclusion was that the current bullet shape was the culprit. The original bullet shape was much more tapered than our blunt, giant meplat .45 cast bullets. Of course the original bullets were a pointed design as the cartridge was a rimfire. He needed a bullet that mimicked the taper of the original design but with a flat meplat. He had found a commercial bullet that worked pretty well but then they were no longer available. This caused him to search for a bullet mold maker that made a mold for a bullet more like the original shape. He discovered that Tom at 'Accurate Molds' cataloged just such a bullet design in a .44 cal. for his .44 Russian, Spencer. After speaking with him I made contact with Tom at Accurate Molds and asked for a mold that would approximate the .44 bullet except in a .45 cal. for my Spencer .45 Colt. Tom came through and in due time I received the new mold. My Spencer now feeds perfectly and it seem lever speed is not important to proper function either. My bullet is the # 45-240E. I am as pleased with my Spencer as 'Johnson' is with his. I hope this will be of help to someone else.
Macon Due SSS #850
Spencer Shooting Society / Re: Reproduction Spencers in .45
« Last post by Two Flints on Yesterday at 12:19:32 PM »

When you write .  .  .  "I followed his footsteps"  .  .  .  would you go into more detail as to what you meant by "his footsteps"?

Might be helpful to others with a .45 Schofield Spencer.

Two Flints
CAS City Classifieds / short length of 357/ 38 barrel liner
« Last post by Tornado on Yesterday at 11:04:56 AM »
Here is a 6.5" length of barrel liner, .357 bore, 1/16 twist, the O.D. is 0.5".  $25 shipped to the lower 48.

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