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The Barracks / Re: Wanted Punitive Raid/ Mexican Revolution
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 07:32:45 AM »
I have assembled a small exhibit I'll be adding to it as objects are aquired.
Gun Reviews / Re: Hammer Shotgun Advice
« Last post by Cowtown on Today at 07:28:50 AM »
Locally there was a 99% condition used CZ hammered coach gun available. I fondled it and put it back telling myself if it was still available in a week I'd think hard about buying it. I missed my chance and someone else got it but I figure I still have my $800.

Yup. Sold for $800.

If I still used a SxS for my main match gun I'd have snapped it right up. My TTN is my backup to my "87 which I greatly prefer. That CZ however shure was purdy though.

STORM / Re: " What started it all ? "
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 07:27:55 AM »
Oh my good Major

Did you save those white plastic grips all those years for the prop Centaur you described in the Centaur thread?

Prof Marvel

Ah ! a resurrected thread  :)   

I just saw your question Professor...No Sir... The Centaur in question was not mine, but was on the Prop Trailer and i did recognize the plastic grip from the Hubley.
That gun disappeared, we assumed stolen, but it turned up years later on the trailer.
 It went missing again, to my knowledge it is still missing  ::) 
Though the trailer is still parked in Riverton Ill. but hasn't moved in several years.
The Longbranch / Re: Are the shooting sports dead?
« Last post by Cowtown on Today at 07:21:02 AM »
Dying slowly? Possibly.

The "end" seems to really depend on where geographically you're talking about. Some clubs appear to be alive, well and growing while others already gone. The reasons for either are probably quite similar for both.

The real reason some of the clubs and the game itself keep going are the dedicated few who devote their energies and passion to the game week after week, year after year, seemingly tirelessly. To all those folks, a hearty THANK YOU is in order.
STORM / Re: " What started it all ? "
« Last post by Cowtown on Today at 07:13:52 AM »
Where did this begin?

Early on, Bonanza and the Big Valley followed by all of Louis L'Amour's books.

Then in college my roommate and I found two CnB guns at a gunshop and he already knew something about these so we bought them. A .36 and a .44 something or others. Paid less than $80 each, shot them a few times, had fun and then got into paintball. How quickly that SQUIRREL hit us then.  :o

Fast forward to the Selleck movies and it stuck this time.

Now I have CnB guns and open tops I use in SASS. Love 'em.
BROW / Re: Shiloh Sharps
« Last post by Drydock on Today at 03:46:44 AM »
Watcha getting?
USFA CSS / Re: Looking for Info on an inherited USFA
« Last post by CraigC on Today at 01:37:13 AM »
That's very odd. The CC's were left in the white and that one has the Pre-war finish.
The Winchester Model 1892 / Re: Why no 1895 thread?
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 01:15:37 AM »
I too would enjoy it... sadly distance to Mid -America is the great nullifier  :-[
even Baltimore Ed's Carolina Outer Banks BAMM range is a hurtle.
USFA CSS / Looking for Info on an inherited USFA
« Last post by treyw640 on Yesterday at 11:23:14 PM »
How’s everyone doing, I’m hoping to find some info on a pistol I inherited from my dad.  It’s a US Firearms 7 1/2” China Camp .45LC.  He’d bought or traded for it from McBride’s Guns years ago, and they didn’t have the original box that I know of.  He was told that it had been finished by Turnbull, which I believe is correct.  I was able to get in touch with Sara Turnbull who confirmed they did the color case hardening and bluing for USFA, but they don’t have digital records on a lot of their contract work. 

It has a charcoal blue barrel, cylinder, and grip frame, color-case hardened frame and hammer.  It also has nitre-blue accents on the frame.  The one-piece grips are either stag or elk, but they look more like elk to me.  We’ve had grips fitted on several pistols through Persinger in El Paso, but I can’t remember if he fit these or not.  I believe he installed these since my dad always preferred the slimmer “1st Gen” grip profile on his SAA’s.  The serial number is CC 2XX and is matching in all locations.  The overall condition of the pistol is 98%.  I’d really appreciate any info anyone may have about the history of these, value, or any other info.  I’ve tried to attach a photo, but I’m not sure if the system will let me post as a new user. 
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