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 ;D ;D ;D " Shooooo-whee!  Ah love me some all fer one price food!  Them Chinese-swedish meatballs is good.  Ah also love them chinese-hotdogs that is cut up an wrapped in chinese bacon!!!!  Less git a move on an Ah'll even forgit that painful rib what yah just probily broke!"

Trinity thinks...

"Ahm gonna even git us some of that chinese beer"

Delmonico and Trinity settle down ta eat the all ya can eat for one price meal and discuss business.

Delmonico says ta Trinity, "I've been do'in some inquiring around here, there be some great land a little North-West a here fere a ranch, Slim al' show up in this thread tommorow and I got the land all scouted out, was up here a couple of years ago." 

"There is a river with a really cool name up there we'll settle on, but a'll wait till Slim gets here ta tell ya the name.  Besides that it'l be closer ta Wissyconsion so he won't have ta travel so fur ta see his wife and 17 kids on the weekends.  Besides that there ain't no Commaches up here ta scare him and hang him upside down."

"I'll pay the bill on the way out, but don't spect no fortune cookie.  These Chinese all ya can eat places be period correct or we would not be here, but ya gots to wait bout 50 years fer some guy out ta Calyforia ta invents them."

Delmonico wanders around Kearney., wonderin' when Slim is gonna show up with his Wissyconsion brandin' irun so they can regester it in Newbrasskey since Slim has the only one.  Course Delmonico has one, but it is fer liftin' lids, cause if ya get caught brandin' with it ya can get hungs. ;D

Trinity sits on the ground laying against a tree in front of the mercantile with his hands on his belly. 

"Ooohhhhh, mah belly hurts.  What kind of meat was that at the Chinese-eat-all-ya-can-eat-fer-one-price place?  Ah ain fellin' good!" :P :P :P

Delmonico walks up ta Trinity.  Lookin' him over he gets the idea that Trinity just ate too much and is plugged up.  "Come with me I can help."  He then takes Trinity ta the blacksmith shop where he gets the big smith ta hold Trinity, grabbin' a funnel Delmonico pours a dose of castor oil down Trinity.  "Sorry pard it was fer yer own good," he says as Trinity heads for that little building behind the blacksmith shop. 

"If I'd taken ya ta the Doc he'd a given ya an ennerma."



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