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When plans go Pear-shaped


Well, bought a used Uberti Yellowboy 66 in 44-40 about 3 years ago but only shot it a few times. Was okay, but as I did not have revolvers to go with it, it sat as a safe queen. Decided to take it to Comin at Cha to sell. Didn't sell and was talking to a guy on my posse about the gun. He wanted to see it, so we were looking at it and he pointed out that the barrel was bulged! Well crap. At least I didn't sell it to someone like that. Talking he suggested I talk to Boomstick who was there at CAC. So I did, turns ouut he has a wall hanger in .45 Colt and can swap the barrels. So I will wind up with a back up gun to my 73. Interesting turn of events.


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