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--- Quote from: Buckaroo Lou on August 04, 2022, 10:33:08 AM ---For you who are interested here is another one. It too looks to be a Uberti parts gun and a five digit serial number.


--- End quote ---
I guess we can assume that the extra cylinder is 45acp, although the ad doesn't actually say.

Gun K1n6:
So I’m pitching this question again.
Does anyone have any information on a factory 6 digit serial number (200012) on a Bisley model?

Wondering if it was a custom SN at the customers request or factory issued.
I have never seen six digits before.

Thanks fellas…..

Buckaroo Lou:
Gun K1n6,

I think the only person who might know would be Gary Granger. He is on this site as GaryG and I thought he might have chimed in by now. You might try to private message him if he doesn't chime in on this post.

Gun K1n6:
Thank you!

Gun K1n6:
Maybe the serial number matches the serial number of a Colt Bisley which was a 6 digit number?
My best guess.



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