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Question About Money Cartridge Belt

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What is the best leather to use for making a money cartridge belt and what is the best source for it ? I like the textured looking leather used by many but am not sure what I need to look for . Don’t want to Oder the wrong thing so I thought I would turn to the experts on here for help.

Marshal Will Wingam:
That's a good question, Mike. Here's a thread where we covered the leather used in making money belts. I added a link to that thread in our FAQ thread so others can find it easily, now.

Skeeter Lewis:
I like to use milled leather which has a textured look.

How wide do you guys usually make the billeted part or part that actually buckles?

The original bad bob:
The width of the billet will depend on the inside dimension of the belt buckle you choose.. it’s common for it to be 1-1/2” wide.



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