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 Has there ever been a Henry offering of a 44-40 color case 1860 carbine?


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Not that I personally know of.  The only Carbine 1860 Henry rifles I am aware of have all been Brass Rifles.  My personal example is a Brass .45 Colt.  That rifle only held 9 45 colt cases.  10 rounds only wench loaded with 45 Schofield cases using 200Gr RNFP bullets.

I have seen and worked on a couple of .44 Special Henry rifles, CCH Iron Frame full length rifles ad those are quite rare.  Never seen an Iron Frame Carbine.

Not to say Uberti never never, but I have never seen nor heard of an Iron Carbine.

On some forum last year, I exchanged a PM with a fellow who has an iron carbine on special order. I think it was Taylor's who had placed an order for 5 some time before covid hit, so they were not yet done. They were, though, in 45, not 44.

I handled a brass one at Taylor's last winter. They handle a little better than the 24" but they do look sawn off. I think Uberti should have used 20". The Winchester Book shows a 19" but he didn't know if it was a factory job. There is one 20" which Madis felt sure was factory.

Cliff Fendley:
It might could possible happen with a special order. Uberti is limited on what they can and can't do. You just have to ask if it can be built. I doubt they are even taking special orders now since the pandemic. I would assume they are still backlogged with regular orders.

Fox Creek Kid:



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