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USFA Bisley models, Value?

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Just thought that I would add a photo of the guns.
Have a good day!

From what I understand, all the Bisleys are Uberti parts guns. There were a few made and even some flat-top Bisley models. Not sure as to value, I see USFA's all over the place. Best advice is to start with a reasonable reserve and let the bidders decide. You're definitely going to get more than you paid for them.

At the time I bought these directly from the factory they were making all of the guns with parts from the USA. As I recall Gary told me that was also true of the Bisley handguns I have.
Ther serial number range also matches guns made in the USA.

Buckaroo Lou:

I don't think all Bisley guns are Uberti parts guns. Like Marshal5 has stated I think there were some that were all USA parts revolvers. I think I have seen a few on CB for sale in the past. I suppose I could be wrong, but Gary Granger would be the one to know for certain.

Here is a discussion about USFA Bisley guns from some time back that will fill you in on whether there are all USA parts Bisley revolvers.


This sure is a pretty one.




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