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USFA Bisley models, Value?

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what would you say:
The USFA Bisley model falls in the same boat as the standard single action model.   The Bisley model changed to the USA parts gradually in the same serial range as the single action .

A 26xxx serial range is definitely all USA parts, and USFA was at the top of its game during that timeframe also.   

The Uberti parts Bisley model vs the USA parts Bisley is very easy to tell to me, with or without the box.    Just like the standard model, the frame fit on Uberti parts will be very good, but not as seamlessly perfect fit as the USA .   There are quite a few differences. Some subtle , some more obvious.  Uberti usually has wood stocks, and if it does, the grip screw looks like a bellybutton to me.  Kinda sticks out.    :)

I mean, condition is always the most determining factor.  Rarity next,    Next is package complete and original?
All that said, I’ve been not watching too closely for a while, but it seems to me that folks will pay nearly
as much for a Uberti parts Bisley as they would a USA parts.   I don’t know if it’s because they don’t know the difference, or if it’s rare enough model that they don’t care.   
Either way, USFA prices  became  kind of hard to figure to me.     No references except how bad they want it almost. So prices can be all over the place, but mostly up these days.     I’d say a Bisley is north of $2K  on average.   Probably more if. Box complete and as new.     



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